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This is a beautifully powerful piece about Unconditional Love from DL Zeta and Peter Phalam’s shared via my dearest Laura Bruno. It really states the bottom line that UNCONDITIONAL Love IS the most powerful vibration in the universe.

We know this, but in order to experience its power to heal and transform, we need to live it.

My favorite part of this piece is this:

“Everything that happens in our lives is helping us remember who we are. When we align completely with unconditional love, we’re able to receive the blessing and the gift of everything in our lives. We are able to see how others love us so much at the soul level that they agreed to play difficult roles in our lives. Those who have triggered in us the greatest pain are our greatest teachers. These souls created soul contracts with us to help us with our most powerful lessons.”

This speaks to what I have shared and believe, that those we have the most challenge with in life are those that love us tremendously, enough so that they agree to contract into our lives as our greatest teachers to help us with the lessons we have chosen to learn. How loving is that? It really puts a spin on perspective doesn’t it? And when we realize this, we can embrace and integrate the healing instantly.

Thank you Laura for posting this, as it is timely for our evolution and current needs.

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Thanks, Lucas! DL Zeta – Unconditional Love Shifts Us To Timelines Of Peace And Prosperity – 8 December 2012

As we move closer to the December solstice, we will find our success and fulfillment based more than ever before upon our degree of alignment with the frequency of love. Love is the most powerful vibration in the universe. Love holds the power to heal and transform us. Love is an energy that is always with us, guiding us and helping us find our way here on Earth. It is love that leads us to discover who we are and why we’re here. As we awaken to our spiritual identity, love helps us hone our gifts and share them with others. Releasing the Filters we Place on Love

Our relationship with love is not complicated, yet this connection can be distorted in third-dimensional reality. If we place conditions on love…

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