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Crystal Elixirs – Alternative Support for Today’s Light Workers

As I posted yesterday, many of us along this journey of expansion, shifting and re-calibrating into new forms and templates of experience, are going through the processes of integration in order to balance out the inbalances we have created along the way. To read more on this see yesterday’s post:

Along this process many light workers who have so diligently been expanding and fortifying their gifts, spiritual consciousness and visionary energies, have lost parts of themselves along the way in doing so. The imbalances created and the charges that remain, along with the processing out of any last remnants of old pieces, angers, frustrations, judgments, etc., (which are releasing toxic cleansing) are now what we are faced with integrating so that we can operate optimally and not fragmented.

So as we start our journey towards this centering integration to natural harmony with all of our parts, each other and the earth and cosmos, different modalities, tools, and new perspectives become increasingly more useful to the DNA restructuring that has taken place. Many may be experiencing blow outs or increased healing crises at this time and may find that the old ways that used to work in helping to heal, no longer are, and alternative ways of nurturing support more aligned with our current energy may be of more benefit now. This is because our bodies are operating at a different frequency and denser things no longer match our new vibrations. The DNA shifts are raising our frequencies and energetics into becoming more crystalline and light form.

It’s not that these alternatives are new, but they may be new to what your usual protocol has been, they may only resonate for you now as opposed to when your body was more dense and could be regulated with resonating matches of that energy, and they are being infused with different energy that matches the now, that was not before.  Our temple bodies need fortifying to match the frequency of our vibrations and to receive the proper rebuilding reflections for the newly created divinity of being we are becoming.

We need very grounded and strong foundations for these new forms we are becoming and creating.

With that being said, I can share from my own experience, the reality of this. Remember, everyone is on their own timeline and stage of their journey, so this is only to share the changes I’ve gone through that might resemble or reflect some of your own. I have found myself naturally gravitating towards things I normally would not have resonated with at the level I do now. New crystals and stones call me now that before I appreciated, but wasn’t working with. Different foods that are grounding and more cooked vegan as opposed to all raw vegan have felt more appropriate for my energy and the balancing needed. Each of these providing the integration from over-expansion in one way. Different shifts with the exercise I was engaging in that feels gentle, balancing and freeing rather than overly extreme, which equates to things like just walking on the beach and easy hikes, biking or simply more time spent with my little lovely animal friends connecting – earthy, peaceful grounding. Focusing on the remnants of any unfinished pieces to really solidify into a strong foundation, based only on the new and not the old, and focus on being, doing and manifesting everything I’ve energetically put focused work into for years, in bigger ways, which includes surpassing any fears that may have previously blocked any of it – in general just showing up always and saying yes and letting the how work itself out in the moment. This equates to knowing that the dress rehearsal was all the behind-the-scenes work and I need only to just pop out on stage with courageously vulnerable readiness and do what I know naturally in my heart to do.

And so came the partnership call I answered to start creating and working with crystal elixirs. Thanks Laura for the nudge! And thank you my crystal friends for your eagerness and joy to always work with me. It’s not that this is a new concept, but in this life I had mostly worked with crystals in their external forms while tuning into their energies they provided for healing and support that they shared, but now the journey would involve things at the essence level and blending things on all levels.  I have been working with crystals a lot, but now we would join forces and start alchemically working our magick on new levels reflecting current energetic needs.

Crystal elixirs, which I like to refer to them as, but many call them gem elixirs, are a means by which we can create essences of the metaphysical properties that the crystals are, through a process that utilizes these as energies in a charged elixir, liquid mixture to our intentions and needs that can be taken internally, applied or sprayed externally on us or in our immediate environment. They are infusions of one or more crystals, spring or distilled water combined with the power of the sun, moon and any other special magickal goodies you feel drawn to incorporate into the process. Since supplements are more dense than my current needs call for, more homeopathic and crystalline essences are much more aligned and of benefit to me right now.

These crystal elixirs are similar to flower essences in the way that they are made so that they contain the “essence” of the vibrations of the chosen crystal and stones that are used. Each crystal and stone holds different metaphysical properties and have energies that work to support and empower different things. You can consult a crystal healing book or research each crystal online to discover their properties and which would be more useful for you and what you are needing support with. I always like to intuit which to use or consult my pendulum for which would be best at this time for me. Usually what you are drawn to on a heart level, not by eye, is revealing as to which crystals would be good for you. But if your intuition isn’t working strongly for you, or quite as up to speed as you’d like right now, you can simply look up the properties and let yourself be guided in trust when something clicks a light bulb or a ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. There is always the option of consulting someone else who can tune in for you too.

These high quality crystal essences work in harmony with the body by interacting with our bio-sheath and chemical and energetic physiology and are natural and self-adjusting. When the crystals are activated by natural sun or moonlight they transfer their vibrational signature into water, creating a safe, effective supportive remedy that can be used in conjunction with, and in complement to, all other healing modalities. They are not meant to replace professional medical advice. They need to be made with only the safest, non-toxic crystals in order to ingest them and can be used with children, pets and plants as well. Externally they can be gently sprayed over the body, in a room, or any space where the energy is needed. They can also be applied to specific body parts or areas needing extra healing or empowerment.

As you consume the elixir over time, the vibrational essences work on the root cause of “dis-ease” to support clearing of the issue that originally created it so that the “dis-ease” can be relieved. They can be made for immediate consumption or can be preserved and used sublingually. The magick is in the choosing, or being chosen by, the most potent crystals for you and the intents and sacredness created around the process, as it is a VERY sacred process indeed and a very special bonding relationship that is created between the crystals and the person helping to alchemically brew and program them. So, the most important part is the crystals from which the essence will be made and there are different ways, as shared, that you can figure this out, including kinesiology testing.

They can be used singly or in cool combinations. Mixing them can really make for some potent elixir magick! This also makes it easier than having to make a lot of separate ones and taking a number of them for the desired results. Again, it’s important they are not water-soluble or toxic – meaning do not contain mercury, arsenic, copper, or other toxic substances. You can look them up in a good mineral guide if in question.

Again, crystal elixirs can be created for immediate consumption, in preserved sublingual form, or into sprays, essential oils, bath, body, or ritual oils, and used for any sacred healing purpose you desire.

I just created a crystal elixir over Sunday’s Aquarius New Moon. First, ritually cleansing my chosen powerhouse blend of crystal friends in a process and then setting them out in the moon and sunlight to take advantage of the powerful igniting energy of this New Moon doorway that is good for planting seeds for the future as an energetic doorway to pull in the things desired to manifest into experience. Aquarius was rocking its unconventionally innovative sparks to the mix. I made a ton of this potent mixture which included: Carnelian, Bloodstone, Citrine, Quartz, Jade, Red and Orange Calcite, Tibetan Turquoise and Rose Quartz. I’ve learned a technique to be able to utilize the energies of toxic crystals so that I can still add them to the mix without adding them to the actual mixture physically, hence leaving out anything harmful in the process. Faery magick always comes in handy 🙂

So, I’m enjoying this elixir, which I’ve shared also with my friend Allison who was in need of similar supportive energy and we are enjoying the process. Everyone is different, so a different dosage may be called for and intuited for each. This was the case for us. I started off drinking a full glass and a half of the unpreserved immediate mixture, at the consulting of my pendulum, and then continue each day with 8 drops, three times a day under the tongue. Allison has been doing 6 drops, five times a day. Allison also made us a crystal spray that we are misting around our spaces as well. Can feel the difference with each dosage and spray. And even in the sacred process of creating the elixir I was in a different space of high vibes as I created them. It is important to be emotionally calm, centered, and in the heart and honoring the relationship with the crystals while going through whatever process with them that feels right. I did a lot of magickal things in my ritual brewing. Fun!

I know that crystal elixirs are exactly the right energy vibrations and modalities to work with right now that reflect and align with me most optimally at this time and are most supportive to the integration process I am in. It’s important to trust your intuition for guidance as to what is best for you. I’m sensing that others would likely gain the same if experiencing similar shifts on their journey. This is why I am looking at creating many more of these to offer others in service, as I feel these would be very supportive. Given my love for and relationship with crystals, this is a natural process for me and one I honor and do not take lightly as a crystal keeper, guardian, and caretaker of the Earth and her children. I look forward to sharing more crystal magick with you.

~ Crystal elixirs are vegan and cruelty free, earth, animal, human, crystal and cosmos friendly. No crystals were harmed in the process. ~

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