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“Be” the Bigger Person

When you find yourself in situations that increasingly call upon your awareness and consciousness about the unconditional compassion you’ve come to understand along your journey – perhaps even as a healer, “light worker”, teacher, guide, leader… there is opportunity to consistently put into action “being the bigger person.” It’s not an easy thing to do, as ego crops up in many ingenious ways to make you feel justified in coming at things from a place of needed validation or desire for certain results, whether you want to admit it or not.

If you decide to step into the role of being the bigger person, there’s then the challenge of truly embodying what that means and not caring/worrying about how you look. It isn’t simply to appear as a martyr while you silently hold onto ideas of how you want the other person to respond when you do, but is about truly stepping into that role without attachment to any kind of result, except simply knowing it is the right thing to do.

You don’t do it in order to receive accolades and then harbor feelings of resentment because the other person didn’t recognize what you just did.

That ISN’T being the bigger person.

You do it because it’s who you are. It’s your embodiment you’ve committed to as your role in the capacity of beingness, vocation, or path you’ve chosen and that your path actually is asking of you to step into being more and more.

If you call yourself a teacher, that brings along with it a lot of responsibility, yes, and this is one of those responsibilities to lead with as an example to others.

No matter what the other person chooses to do or how they react after, you step into that vulnerability with all of your heart, knowing it’s for the highest good of all concerned, regardless of immediate outcome.

Being the bigger person truly is about “BEING”. It’s not just an idea to put on as temporary clothing to wear for the moment or day. It’s the skin you live in always and that takes a huge amount of surrendering to the peace only found within your heart.

It’s one of the hardest things to do, but the most rewarding.

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