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The Raw Magic Dinner Party

raw magic dinner partyIf you remember, last week I shared about the magickal day I spent with my friend Kate Magic and mentioned that while she was in Los Angeles she would be putting on a very special, private VIP dinner party. Well, that event was last night and it was definitely a feast for any Faery. πŸ™‚kate and tania

Along with about 20 other guests (which included many of the top raw vegan chefs like Ani Phyo, Annie Jubb, Matt Amsden, Julia Corbett, Jason Wrobel…) Β and joined by the amazing Chef Ito, we had the honor of experiencing Kate’s “Magic” as she prepared a wonderful 5-course raw vegan gourmet extravaganza at the new downtown Los Angeles Au Lac restaurant.

kate and tania2I was two-fisting Kombuchas, as we arrived early in under an hour on a work evening drive to LA from OC! How’s that for Faery magick?! So with a little over a half an hour to wait until the festivities commenced, I enjoyed the mixed fruit and ginger Kombucha on tap at Au Lac at the bar.

And I was, in fact, working the Faery magick dressed in my star-adorned flowing dress and equipped with magickal rabbit purse with pink sparkly sequins, shiny gold, and two comic love bunnies.magick bunny purse

Kate was actually the one that is responsible for me having this purse, as she knows I love bunnies and sent me a link to one of her fav stores in the UK where she got the Unicorn-heeled shoes she was wearing for the party. πŸ˜‰unicorns

Kate was in Faery style as well wearing a musical notes dress and “Love” apron with hearts – and indeed her food was infused with a lot of love and harmony.

Upon greetings for the party, we were handed an amazingly smooth Kombucha Cocktail that blended fantastically unusual ingredients and superfoods, just like the rest of the night’s creations. So I was floating on Kombuchas while we mingled before dinner and had a chance to meet some of the fun guests.

After being seated, we discovered amazing soap creation gifts by Erewhon that were equally fragrant as they were beautiful, and were then served our Starter, which was an incredible Sauerslaw that came shaped as a heart, with heart-cut carrot. I’d love to be able to share all of the ingredients in these creations, but I can only remember a little of what I heard floating around and don’t want to get it wrong.slaw

However, we were given Kate’s easy and quick 10-minute recipe for this Sauerslaw so I do know the ingredients on it in case you’d like to make this healthy and yummy dish yourself.

They include 2 carrots, 1 beetroot, 1/2 red onion, 2 avocados, 1/2 lemon, 1 tsp cayenne, 2 tsp tamari, and 500g sauerkraut. Yum and healthy stuff!

Basically you grate the carrot, beetroot, and onion. Then stir them together with the sauerkraut. Blend the avocados, lemon juice, cayenne and tamari together until creamy. Then stir the cream into the vegetable mixture and store in fridge! Keeps for four days and serves four. πŸ™‚ Thanks Kate!!

raw dinnerAfter this love creation, we were then served the Entree, which was Thai Yellow Curry & Cauliflower Rice. Mild and light, this was a lovely addition to the slaw. The Cauliflower Rice was truly amazing. I mixed mine together, after taking the photo, so it didn’t stay sitting pretty for long, and the blend of both was wonderful.

raw cakeThen arrived Dessert, which was Kate’s famous Quantum Cake – truly Cosmic! It is an amazing all superfood raw vegan cake made without nuts, just like everything else she made for this evening. Mmmmm….mmmmm….delicious!

I got to chat with Kate, as she was cutting the cake and we got to giggling, which happens often with us. You can see here how much she enjoys what she does.kate cake

We then topped off the night with After Dinner Mints shaped like roses that had a minty freshness, along with a Macapuccino.after dinner mints and macapuccino

Everyone’s tummies were quite happy and Kate’s love was received by all. It’s wonderful to finish a meal feeling completely satisfied, but light as a feather!

kate2Big love and thanks to Kate for a beautiful night of sharing her passion and compassion.

kate and ani2Thank you to Ani Phyo and Amber Zuckswert whom both assisted Kate with the evening’s preparations.

And thank you to Chef Ito and Au Lac for hosting this lovely event.

Thanks also goes out to The Raw Food World, Raw Living, epicself, Windy City Organics, and Erewhon for all that they donated to make this event happen.

Au Lac LA has only been open for just four months. It’s an incredible space and they have unique items on their menu that infuse some of the favorites from their OC menu, but with some great additions. I had the chance to try their food here about 3 weeks ago. Good stuff! I encourage you to visit there if you’re in the area to enjoy Ito’s food alchemy.

I don’t drink, but if you do, the LA location does serve alcohol (OC location does not), which are all organic, vegan, gluten free, and offered in infused mixtures with a lot of interesting blends. They also have Kombucha on tap.

They also have a gorgeous sound-proof event room with stage.

If you’re in the LA area, you may still catch a glimpse of the Faery, Kate Magic, as she’s still here through Sunday taking in the Cali Sun and fun. And we just may be lucky to see and experience a lot more of Kate, her raw vegan “Magic”, and much more, as her presence in LA is destined to be a more permanent fixture in the near future. πŸ˜‰

Check out Kate’s raw food and superfood online store at: Raw Living

She also teaches raw food courses and hosts raw retreats, including one in Costa Rica this August.

See you soon Kate!!

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