Navigating New Paths ~ Individual & Collective Impact of Our Now


Hello again to all of our friends worldwide. Today is my first official day back after being offline for three months and so I hope you can bear with me, as this will be much longer than usual especially given the collective landscape we’re facing. I’ll be sharing some insights and experiences from these last few months, as well as announce, at the end, the special discount and support we are opening up during these challenges times, as well as our Spring, Easter, Anniversary Magick Rabbit shop sale that started yesterday.

April 1st came in a flash and with it my return to blogging and having an online presence again with our beloved community. A friend humorously asked if my return today was an April Fools’ Day joke, to which I giggled she was the only one who caught that irony, but a joke it isn’t, even though I debated about returning. Today would have been my grandmother’s 100th birthday (on my dad’s side) and interestingly she transitioned on my birthday when I was 17. That synchronicity has always held significance for me and became a legacy of hidden gifts for me to unwrap, as I have grown over the years.

Like that experience and the ancestral journey that has been my continual reframing for shifts in consciousness, ultimately I’ve come to accept invitations with an open, trusting heart, just like this return. The decision to come back earlier than planned was in answer to a collective nudge, spirit calling, and the love in my heart that feels deeply for all who have chosen to be together on Earth as she shifts so dramatically.

Speaking of DNA codes and ancestral links, during this inner time I uncovered a connection through patterns within my own lineage that shifted how I wanted to work with conditioning. While I’m aware of how fears can be passed down and feel them important to acknowledge and explore, rather than solely focusing on the shared fears I can see streaming through the line, I decided to reframe things and focus on the shared strengths/gifts/attributes and what collective result those fears created in blocking these – an unfulfilled dream. 

I could literally feel a weight lift and a rush of my ancestors’ happiness wash over me when I acknowledged and heard all of my family line’s deepest desires and secret wishes that had gone undone. It was not the fear stories they wanted me to keep retelling, but to tell their dreams and rewrite them through the manifestation of my own – individual and collective being one and the same. This meant not only to be clear with and voice them, but to actually do everything in my power not to let mine die, as that would perpetuate a haunting residual effect until it was broken.

Perhaps this may have some validity for what we are experiencing right now too. Our history holds events containing many losses that have triggered life as we know it. It also holds many keys as to how we’ve learned to carry on and continue in new ways – how consciousness has changed.

Things like this have played out before, but there feels to be a new invitation in what we face today.

It mirrored to me that within our DNA are codes we have yet to tap into and there might be a connection with things like this collective pandemic that could have the ability to ignite some of those latent codes. An activation, awakening, and/or recalibration. I don’t have the answer, but something clicked and maybe that’s all there is to feel for now.

I always receive and pass on the message, “Remember who you are.”

And then, I’ve pondered more around our current collective experience, which lead me to more possibilities worth exploring.

There is no denying the harsh realities spreading for many as people are faced with no jobs, loss of income, the potential of losing homes, the rise of stress and anxiety, the threat of not having needed healthcare or support because it’s being drained and limited, the sadness of much needed human contact, and the list goes on. Unfortunately, there are no easy, quick answers, but I know we are capable of so much more than we think. I can only offer a few of my thoughts surrounding some of these things, which I’ve pondered to help me in navigating the unknown. The more we explore outside of the box, we just might find ways to make this a little bit easier and maybe, just maybe, spark ideas to bridge the gap between those suffering most and those of us who feel more grounded and have something to offer.

By forcing us into sitting with the fear of being alone and isolated, perhaps we are provided opportunity to face this fear, realize and heal stories of separation into realization and value of togetherness, connection, and compassion as a society and consciousness as a whole. Entering the dark womb within, inevitably thrusts us out into the Great Cosmic Mystery at our heart and core. Perhaps we might see and finally experience how our very nature is unified and this includes with all of Nature, herself, and the Cosmos.

I thought that this link Dave shared with me about interconnectedness and our unity with one another and the Cosmos was a great one on The Fullness of Emptiness by Thich Nhat Hanh.

It’s not selfishness we’re being placed into experiencing, but self-actualization into greater recognition of fundamental truths that connect all of us and consciousness. Through Love’s embodiment, we are sharing with others and this just might be the greater path unfolding, rather than furthering into the illusion of isolation and division.

Love and kindness are our superpowers. And as Dave always hears me say, I do feel love is the answer to all things.

Perhaps we are experiencing an invitation, both individually and collectively. Maybe even an initiation of opening greater consciousness around all things lying below the surface we have yet to unwrap. It’s not just about the shadowy parts that remain hidden, while still operating vibrationally. It’s also about the incredible gifts that have been dormant that could free us.

Yes, we are being asked to dismantle things, reintegrate, exercise responsible choice, and transmute mourning into hope.

This may be an incredible struggle, especially for so many who are experiencing the harshest parts of what is unfolding. So, for those of you who have it less challenging, or are more comfortable with navigating these unknowns, you have a lot to offer. This isn’t time to close our hearts – no matter our circumstances. This is time to open them wider so not only can we receive support, but also give it.

Love is an endless, bottomless well. How we each show up in greatest heart fullness is the definition of success.

Together we can change old “norms” and create new ones.

I believe creativity is necessary on all fronts to live and to be.

It is a hope of mine that we see the blossoming of creativity and more collective-higher good innovations that can benefit the many and not the few – that to include all of nature and not just humans, planetary and not just city, state or country wide. This speaks to our place within the entire cosmic tapestry as well – all of these being taken into consideration for how our evolution affects the galaxy, universe, and multi-verses.

Perhaps this will continue to spawn new services and online outreach as people turn to their creative nature to not only entertain themselves, but to bring innovation, joy, beauty and inspiration to others.

I don’t feel this should be a time of shutting down everything out of despair, as much as it could be about one door closing in order to open many other doors of possibility – creative impulse birthing from within chaos.

It isn’t about denying feelings that are surfacing either, but about having curiosity around them. I feel the challenge is that most people have the tendency to dwell in an emotion, become debilitated or stuck in an endless downward spiral, and in fact magnetize more of that energy until they can transform it. Although rock bottom can produce an eventual, insightful change, it doesn’t always happen that way or that gracefully. I believe being curious prompts our innate creative nature to explore solutions and sometimes we need a helping hand with that and open heart to receive it.

The presence of worry can create an access point to move through and instantly shift into productive exploration and action. Evoking creative response in place of worry is curiosity in motion of stimulating creative potentials to explore and implement. The question being, is it worry or our innate nature as a creative being that leads us to remedies and results? Are they in fact connected, or has one become predominant because we are still in process of learning to trust our nature?

Maybe it doesn’t matter, as however we get to a productive result and learn a healthy process, we can reproduce more effectively each time, I feel is a great thing. Worry might be conditioned, but our nature seems to be creative energy.

We’re all being affected by what is happening, in one way or another, either directly or indirectly. We are each experiencing a wide range of emotions and thoughts on a daily basis. We all know people who have been or will be challenged.

I currently have an elder cousin, in her mid 70’s in New Jersey, and her daughter who were both infected. My cousin was diagnosed with Covid-19, quarantined, and treated in the hospital for a few weeks, but luckily has returned home after the severity subsided. I also have a friend affected. And although I do not have fear around things, I do still implement self-care measures to be at my best for any unforeseen events, to be grounded for others, and to stay strong in case my parents need me.

My life-long weakness has been my lungs since I was a little girl, so I am keeping up continued immune system support so as not to compromise respiratory health. This has progressed as I’ve gotten older with having a condition called EIB (exercise-induced bronchoconstriction) – mine not being asthma connected like it can be for others, and only brought on by very strenuous exercise that induces very fast, heavy breathing, deep laughing, and sensitivities to irritants in the air and food that constrict my lungs and produce a mucous-filled cough for 15 – 30 minutes with mild wheezing sometimes. I have learned how to keep it at bay and regulate my breathing during such things as more challenging hikes involving steep inclines.

Yet, I still maintain a steady stream of peace, love, joy, and creative output because I know these are key in moving energy in healthy ways. I also continue to work on breathing in life, embodying my own space, and living well, rather than constricting and contracting out of a feeling of not belonging here. We are here right now for a reason.

Personally, this quiet, removed period of my three month sabbatical has been productive and insightful, and I find it interesting it came during this collective darker period. I could feel the anxiety and fear circulating, yet I felt guided to continue nurturing what was calling me and maintaining my own equilibrium so as to be of greatest benefit.

As things have progressed in the world and I feel more stabilized, it feels of importance to maintain channels of connection beyond energetic alone.

This led me to return earlier than planned. I will, however, remain ultra-conscious of my time and keeping things in check and balance as I continue novel revisions and tend to things unfolding in my private life. I also want to ensure I am at my best so I can be there for others optimally.

One thing I feel we all can offer to each other, alongside greater love and compassion, is the example of our own experiences with things and sharing our own attempts at making things better. Even what we view as our own little world is in fact part of the greater sum whole of the collective world and as even science teaches – there are no isolated systems and separate parts….in simplistic terms, space is the unification of all things. Einstein has referred to it as the unified field theory and in Tibetan Buddhist teachings, Oneness is expressed as dependent arising.

In other words, both simply being, choosing, acting upon, changing, integrating, and healing within our own experience and sharing about these things, has quantum and immeasurable effects on the sum collective.

We see and experience ourselves in one another.

I know I learn a lot from others sharing their experiences, as well as receive inspiration, joy, and reiteration from their timely messages. We live in a time of amazing bridging opportunities through technology that with discernment and filtering, can provide wonderful access to a plethora of information, support, connection, comfort, and creativity.

Life continues strange and unknown for us all right now, but despite the energy pervading I’ve felt particularly stable. That doesn’t mean I don’t go through different streams of feelings, but I find my way back to center. That becomes particularly helpful when empathing everything going on. I don’t think that in the past I would always have been able to maintain peace, but perhaps because of committing to a practice of supporting what I feel in my heart, rather than taking on what is outside of it, I believe this may be my saving grace.

It seems like the more we can connect with and trust that heart anchor, the less we get thrown off balance. This indeed takes consistent and committed practice and it likely won’t go without some stumbles, but with curiosity and kindness toward our process, it does strengthen and get easier.

While I know there is a lot of uncertainty and concern dominating thoughts and actions in the world, I feel guided to focus on ways we can bring more love, creativity, and changes we do want to see into the forefront of discussions. That isn’t to downplay the real, harsh, and sad experiences, but it is to refocus our energies on productive momentum that can help us navigate ways to harness that silver lining just as Nature continues on after each season or devastation.

And all of it is about taking each step, one at a time. We’re all learning to navigate new ways and this will take adjustments, tweaking, exploring, and experimenting, in order to find a new balance. Even just little changes or embarking on something new and creative in your life can make a huge difference right now. It will involve open hearts and minds and a willingness to take new actions with kindness toward self and others. It may involve greater trust and deeper respect for that which we can’t readily see, but is inherently sacred in experiencing.

Tempering of mind and heart calls us forth to play with this alchemy. What feels like a jolt of incredulous surprises may be a flash of genius in disguise. Improvisation and leaps of faith will accompany this New Earth curriculum we are being trained in. The Fool may in fact be the Wise One.

As a way to share my thread and how I’ve been funneling my energy and focus, I’m going to touch upon some of the things that have taken place since the start of the year. If you’re on Instagram or Facebook, I’ll likely share more photos from the last few months on those platforms with accompanying messages or insights, rather than bombard this blog post with everything.

The photos shared in this blog are the most recent and symbolic for me of this time period and the journey ahead. They include Astrid and me on the Spring Equinox of the 19th of March and a new beginning marker that took place two days later on the 21st – more on that to come.

As mentioned in my Spring Equinox A Message of Hope post, we saw a Miracle March here with Spring snow after a very dry Winter. These first few photos were taken after five magickal snowy days that brought a few feet our way. Astrid and I received inspiration to mark this memorable time with a short photo shoot right off the back deck.

I love the contrast of an enchanted white landscape (like a pure, blank canvas awaiting) and the two of us full of fertile creativity merging together and woven into the scene.

Rabbits are the epitome of Spring. They embody the energies of rebirth, balance, vitality, creative potency, regeneration, fertility of mind, body, and emotion, inspiration, prosperity, agility, receptiveness, and eternity. This symbolism manifests in associations with Springtime, the Dawn, the Moon and Sacred Fire, the Cosmic Egg from which the Cosmos is produced, the Circle and Infinity symbol, Marriage, Androgyny and Hermaphroditism, as well as Madness, Genius and Inspiration (which seem to go hand in hand). Rabbits can bring a message of nurturing your intuitive impulses and nudges from your heart and soul.

My off-white dress adorned with golden stars (reminding me of our Cosmic connection) leaped into mind when I got the idea to capture a symbolic photo of this portal and create an inspiration-marker for this time period.

Astrid was very excited about this too and we giggled together when a gust of wind blew snow from the tree branches down upon us, adorning our fur and hair with magickal snowflakes. It felt like pixie dust that Nature celebrated as a sprinkling of shared delight.


During my time away these past three months I would say the key words that jumped out at me around my experience were nurturing, peaceful, productive, regenerative, and clarifying. When I saw these photos after – as you never know what will be captured – I felt these words reflected again.

I didn’t realize how much I really needed this time and was so grateful I committed to listening to my needs. I feel it also helped me to prepare for what we are all now facing and to understand how I could funnel energy more productively.

I found myself resting a lot (I still continue to enjoy even more sleep than I already get, which speaks to integrating everything out there to help acceleration in here), continuing to immerse in nature and outdoor exercise, spending time on strengthening inner vision, focusing on the steps without rushing or pushing, and working on my craft (writing) as if I were taking college courses I never did, which included tons of researching, reading novels in my genre and writing craft books. In fact, at one point I read about fifteen books of 250-500 page length in just under three weeks while still doing other things in my life alongside this. They do say that writing and reading go hand-in-hand and of benefit is to be doing both always as a writer.

I feel solid with the precursor work I needed and as if I condensed years of training into these three months. Although I’ve only recently just embarked on the next very involved and tedious writing phase, I feel equipped and clarified with my direction and process at hand. There are many layers yet to come, as writing is definitely the art of process, but I love how it is reflecting so much about life as a journey. Writing and living are great reflective companions for me right now in teaching me how to cultivate a new approach and seed new experiences.

So, although my novel is not complete yet, I feel really good about the groundwork I was able to achieve and that I now have behind me exactly what I need. I feel it’s healthy to adapt to what shows up that may provide a more effective path for your goal.

During this time I have also been implementing more imagination and visualization, alongside exercises to expand in new ways and have seen great benefits to releasing and stepping away as needed.

We did enjoy several celebrations that included birthday travels in January to celebrate a dear friend’s 45th, celebrated my mom’s 77th, my brother’s 50th, and my 47th birthdays, did some family reunion travel to Tucson, celebrated Dave’s transition to part-time on his way to retiring, and hosted friends. I was floored and warmly surprised by so many sweet gifts and messages that poured in for my birthday, despite my being offline and out-of-touch. It moved me greatly to receive such loving gestures and was a precursor to showing me how connected we still can be and how that can touch us, even under these distancing circumstances.

This connection has continued in an upsurge of Dave organizing virtual lunch dates with friends and family so that we can enjoy connecting and sharing time – a super fun way to bridge distance. Dave has been attending online meditations, having been displaced out of regular local gatherings, and we’ve been keeping a healthy connection via virtual outreach in general.

On a self-nurturing, but eerie note, alongside doing things important to me, Dave and I are over three months in on implementing many lifestyle changes, budgeting, reprioritizing, and self-care for long-term vibrancy. I also did some big cleaning out purges and reorganization. We actually started all of this on 12/26/19 and that is what I find so ironic, as none of what is here now was there then.

One of the things we implemented is time-restricted eating – a form of fasting where we eat normally during a shorter window of time each day and fast the rest of the time. This has been shown to have many health benefits including on the immune system. We’ve chosen a 6 hour eating and 18 hour fasting window as a lifestyle change and not a diet. (Note: Please do your own research on this or consult a doctor especially if you have any pre-existing conditions or take medications before implementing anything). We’re enjoying the benefits of feeling good, having more energy, inner calm, and mental clarity (Dave actually sleeps the best he has in years) and it suits our lifestyle, as we do it in the breakfast and lunch window when we are most active. We also happen to be vegan (14 years strong for me), eating plant-based whole foods and are active daily outdoors. We feel extremely blessed and grateful that we live in a low populated mountain community where access to nature is easy and right out the back door, so we are still able to enjoy this lifestyle even with current social restrictions.

I also find myself baking a lot again and enjoy creating new meals. I’ve even implemented new processes for Astrid to prepare her greens with even more gourmet touches that make it both easier for me and tastier for her!

And speaking of Astrid, she has gone through her own upgrades during these few months to include new bunny adornments and friends for our shared room, new bunny cams so mom can check in on her always and a new sitter for all the fur babies (these were implemented before everything happened in the world), new toys and treats from friends that came on mom’s birthday, and even a royal coronation!

After all, every rabbit queen that presides over realms and lives in castles must have her very own crown too.

queen astrid

As you can see, hers is a delicate lacing of gold with six of our favorite sunflowers adorned all around it.

A unique crown of sixteen quartz crystal points and three ethically and responsibly obtained (through the natural cycle of life and antler shedding) roe deer antlers found its way to me a few years ago.

Astrid insisted that we take at least one photo on Spring Equinox with us both wearing crowns and so we did. Somehow it just felt empowering and activating. Astrid knows. 🙂

She also loves wearing hers and sits proudly with it on without shaking it away. Dave laughed at how much Astrid enjoys wearing her crown.


Another thing that showed up included us recently coming across the tree we saved three years ago in one of our largest winter snow seasons ever. We not only found him strong and taller, but now had a baby! You can see the baby (who we dug out of the snow from our recent snow fall) next to Dave below. We plan to make sure his offspring will fair strong and well too!

Seeing our tree and his baby was another sign of hope and renewal in my eyes.


I’m such a nature faery and animals are always direct messengers for me – this time period away being no exception. There’s been a couple of giant jackrabbits (one deliberately slowing to cross our path while hiking in Tucson on a Full Moon – this was also the official adoption day of our special needs rabbit, Cosmo), many cottontails leading up to that Full Moon (we even saw our first Spring cottontail on our front lawn nibbling on exposed greens peeking through the snow on the day after the Equinox – maybe a grown-up Blueberry or Hope), coyotes, chickadees, hawks, and even two great horned owls cross my/our paths as spirit guides these months.

I share these as reminders that answers and messages show up all around us, for anyone big on animal spirit totems and symbolism. The great horned owls were especially auspicious and showed up at Casa Grande Ruins National Monument in Coolidge, Arizona. They are a couple that have made the ruins their home for the last 20 years. We saw the female in her nest perched on the ruins and the male above in the rafters of the roof that protects the ruins. Talk about ancestral spirits.

One of the other interesting interactions took place twice for me with chickadees. On a mid-February snowshoe I had chickadees landing on me several times and several at once. I put my arm out and they came to sit on my shoulder, arm, and out-stretched finger. This was right on and around the Mercury in Pisces and Mars in Capricorn of  2/16 and 17 – these just so happen to be my natal astrological chart placements. A nice pre-birthday gift from Nature.

This happened again on 3/21, right after a very significant unfolding that took place while on a snowshoeing picnic at one of our favorite spots.

Dave and I got engaged.

This wasn’t something high on our radar, as it’s not something we feel is a “should,” but we also don’t hold any judgment one way or another around it either. We’ve lived committed as life partners for nearly 12 years already, yet the message came through around this on another level and we listened. Even the date of the wedding was received without thought. It will be on 6/20/2020.

While I have heard about many events including weddings being understandably cancelled and postponed, this was not an option for us and we decided to be creative and open to ways to bring in the essence of our intentions. It was clear for us that holding the energy of hope and light amidst darker, challenging, and unknown times was exactly the alchemy we wanted to anchor for ourselves and others.

It was also clear for us, personally, to not allow anything to dictate or control our desire to deepen, initiate, and emanate greater potentials of love. Just as death and sadness can be portals to love – darker, chaotic times I feel are asking for us to reach deeper into the lining of love surrounding it all. And therefore, we wanted to anchor in and bring forth love and celebration amidst chaos. We will shine our own lights now, not later, in the ways we feel called to bring our pieces of the thread into greater clarity.

Yes, we can and will still celebrate love! In times like these, that is exactly what I feel we need the most. Not recoiling, but rejoicing in the power we do have to share – love.

The frequency we embody and emanate has profound effects.

We later learned that the date that came through held potent alchemy and was in fact the Summer Solstice – a very special and favorite day personally to me. It happens to be the day Astrid came into our lives, there will be a New Moon, it’s the longest day of the year with most light, it’s nearly exactly in the middle of both of our birthdays, and the next day is Father’s Day, a Solar Eclipse, and happens to be the day my rabbit Joy transitioned from her earthly body.

Anyway, we our planning to hold a very simple, no-frills ceremony in nature here in Lake Tahoe on our own while we live-stream it as a virtual wedding to our family in blood and heart. That way they can still be there with us, while we anchor in and create a new beginning.

To seal things with a confirming sign, right after we got engaged I saw a chickadee on the tree next to us. As Dave stood by my side, I put out my finger and the chickadee landed on it. He/she sat there for about 4-5 seconds and then returned to the tree-top.

Since there was no ring involved and everything has been an organic unfolding, it felt like Nature blessed our union and provided the elements of most meaning for us, sealed with a chickadee kiss upon my finger.

Chickadees are fragile, joyful songbirds that symbolize flexibility, curiosity, courage, good fortune, and encourage more trust and positive outlooks around social behavior. But don’t let appearances fool you. I love how vulnerable they are and yet how brave. They are small, but fierce, rising to the occasion. Unaware of their tiny physical stature, they will protect their own from much larger birds, as well as voice themselves with clarity.

On a side note: As far as rings go, although there were none officially involved with the engagement, like with everything so far, that as well has unfolded organically and symbolically. Dave’s mom so generously offered me her grandmother’s beautiful ring – Dave’s great grandmother – as an engagement ring. And for my wedding band I’ll be using my grandfather’s (on my mom’s side) simple wedding band – he and I have the exact same finger size. My mom also found my great grandmother’s (on my dad’s side) simple wedding ring – also a perfect fit – that is a sweet match with my grandfather’s band, so that can be a set. All of them are rich with history and symbolism to me. I love heirloom pieces and repurposing these rings feels perfect for these times we’re facing and meaningful. It also goes well with the ancestral energies I’ve been working with.

In the past I would have wanted all my own things, but now I love the connection and evolution – how past and present will build upon, merge strengths, recreate, and support one another into a new future beginning.

The remainder of the photos in this post are from that special day, to conclude this return post with love, hope, and light we felt strongly seeded in the landscape around and within us.


So yes, a lot of significant changes have happened and are happening in my life, as a result of these past few months of turning inward. It’s all unfolding alongside significant worldwide changes.

And if it wasn’t enough to simply know things are shaking up for some big shifts, the Earth, herself, did some literal shaking too.

The day after the Equinox, on the 20th, we experienced a 5.0 earthquake just 27 miles away that rocked the house and when we returned home on the 21st of our engagement we experienced a 3.5 aftershock of that same epicenter. We normally don’t feel earthquakes around here, but we were definitely in alignment with these.

In fact, Astrid alerted me about the first one, although I didn’t know it at the time. She has a plant-based stack of cups that were gifted to her by a dear fellow bunny mom and her bunny that she hasn’t shown much interest in until the day of the earthquake. Right before the earthquake rumbled through the house, Astrid started playing with her stacking cups while I sat at my desk. I turned around to see what the clanking was about and was so happy to see her playing with them. She did this for several minutes before I decided to start videoing it so that I could show our friend that gifted them to her. I then video’d about a minute of the fun and thought she might be done. I stopped the video, but realized she was continuing, so I restarted.

The new video only lasted ten seconds, as right as I hit record she suddenly stood still with eyes bugged out and ears and body in alert mode. Then the earthquake rolled through, shaking the house and our downstairs room a lot – accompanied by that earth rumble noise. Well, Astrid took off like a flash as soon as the rockin’-and-a-rollin’ kicked in, dashing around and behind her castle to make for her tunnel to hide. Once under cover, she gave out one loud thump.

I felt it was wild that I caught this all on video and after things settled, I realized Astrid in fact had been using the stacking cups as a way to alert me to what she knew was about to happen. Animals know, but especially very tuned in, underground rabbits who are strongly connected to inner Earth and her vibrations, as well as finely attuned to slight frequency shifts in the energy field.

Luckily, Astrid didn’t stay hidden for long like she can do when frightened by something she senses, sees, or hears. After a few minutes she came out and went to her cups again, moving them around just briefly, then ran over to me and nudged my foot. I felt she was confirming the cups were indeed her way of coding to me and now used them as an “all is well” message.

Interestingly, since then she has begun to “play” with her cups more regularly, but now that she knows I understand they are one way to communicate to me I find her playing with them when she knows it’s feeding time, or any other particular thing she wants to draw my attention to, as a way to tell me.

So, I’ll definitely be keeping on alert to further cup codes in the future.


If you’ve stuck with me this far, a big thank you is in order. Being away for so long definitely built up a lot to share, even though it’s not all expressed in this post. And it is all definitely leading me on new, unknown paths along with all of you.

Yet it all brings me to where I feel led currently.

I have received a lot of clear messages these last few months and unlike times in my past, I immediately listen to, trust, and implement them. And as I started off this post with, one of the messages received was about opening back up a couple of support lines in order to be there for others in need.

Because I’ve created a strong base and implemented the important precursor work needed, although I’ll still be deeply immersed in an extensive amount of novel revision work, I feel confident in being able to stay committed and balanced.

This means I can once again offer one-on-one coaching sessions, which I refer to as Intuitive Energy Guidance Sessions.

I will also offer distant Reiki Healing Attunements for energetic support to help with greater peace, clarity, immune boosting, alignment, and any other needs mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually.

Not included on the page is that I’m open to discussing the possibility of online Reiki training for the students that have shown interest in wanting to complete their levels, as I feel this could be important on a bigger picture level in raising collective vibrations and supporting you with more empowering tools that can bridge distance. You’ll need to please contact me so that we can have a discussion around this.

Please refer to this new page on my website for details about how these offerings might be of benefit. The page will also have the new discount pricing and sliding scale details available:

Special Discount Coaching Sessions & Reiki Support for these Challenging Times

As of yesterday, March 31st through April 30th, our Magick Rabbit Etsy shop is also hosting a big store wide Spring Easter Anniversary Sale to help infuse some joy, inspiration, and sweetness into your life while you nest at home. It could also be a sweet an easy way to share love and connection with family and friends right now.

Details are found here, including the direct link to our creative shop:

The Magick Rabbit

There is future potential of my creating some free weekly or monthly messages and/or videos you will be able to subscribe to. This could include some virtual gatherings. Currently, I am holding off on implementing any of that, as I need to see how things go with what I already have on my plate in terms of my individual projects and these new offerings. I’ll keep you posted though and as always, am open to hearing from you on how you’re doing, any questions, or interests in relation to any or all of this in the comments below.

As an extra line of support, I thought I’d share Lee’s April Energy Forecast message (I hope you were able to see his forecasts the last couple of months including a mid-March special update). As always I smile at how they align with what I receive (we are ALL SO CONNECTED), which is the only reason I share them since they vibrate at the same frequency for me. I smile hugely at several things he said that chimed in with my experience, including ancestral energies and a very brief Atlantis mention that coincided with an Atlantean dream I had two nights ago where I found a coded gift.

Holding you all in heart and envisioning the highest good for everyone.

Keep nurtured, implement responsible action, indulge creative response, and love even more.

Sending you all a huge energetic hug of love.


“I will not die an unlived life. I will not live in fear of falling or catching fire. I choose to inhabit my days, to allow my living to open me, to make me less afraid, more accessible, to loosen my heart until it becomes a wing, a torch, a promise. I choose to risk my significance; to live so that which comes to me as seed goes to the next as blossom and that which comes to me as blossom, goes on as fruit.” ~Dawna Markova


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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Welcome back, dear friend.

  2. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Welcome back, Tania, and congratulations for your upcoming nupitals.

  3. Desiree Bergeron

    Tania, Thank you so SO much for this incredibly special share! ♥️
    And the biggest congratulations to both you and Dave on your engagement!! 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
    I love you! xx

    • you are most welcome and as always thank you so much for sharing in it all with me, taking time to read it, and to express a comment. we thank you both for your wishes. i love you too! xoox and i hope you and your family are well

      • Desiree Bergeron

        ♥️ We are all doing very very well! TY so so much xx It’s Craig birthday today! We are headed out for a long walk, and I made him his favorite Raw vegan chocolate cream pie!
        Hugs hugs and kisses 🕊

      • so good to hear! happy birthday to your dear craig!!! he shares it with my grandma 😉 have a wonderful time in nature…will be joining you shortly. and enjoy the yummy raw vegan goodness!!! big hugs and kisses. please let me know if you received your email separate to this post. check spam if not ❤

      • Desiree Bergeron

        Tania…. I found it!! 💞 (It was in my spam!)
        That means the world to me. 😌 🙏🏻

      • yay!!!! i had a feeling 😉 ❤

  4. Wow Tania. You’ve been a busy girl. 👀 Congrats on your engagement and upcoming wedding. I applaud you continuing to live your life from your heart and intuition. May your unfolding gifts bless you, Dave, Astrid, family, friends, and many more. Hugs and blessings. 💝

    • Thank you! Thank you!! Means so very much to hear from you and with such sweet words. I’ve missed you bunches and an looking forward to getting caught up on your posts. Yes, it’s been busy here, but in a relaxed way. I plan to continue being mindful. I really hope that you’re doing alright. I know it’s been so rough for everyone. Love you dearly sweet friend. Big etheric hug to you

  5. Yay! So glad it’s all publicly now for celebration! Love you, beautiful snow Faery! Welcome back!

  6. Welcome back and a hearty congrats on your special announcement! ❤ The rings and their history is a wonderful addition to your engagement, as well! (btw, I keep hearing a lot about ancestors and ancestral energy, so this is rather noticeable, and notable, that you also mention it).

    • thank you so much kieron!! ❤ that means a lot to me fellow nn cappy! 😉 interesting that you have also been tuning into the ancestral energies. i heard from another friend she was too. definitely something to it. i hope you're well. sending love and warmest hugs

  7. This is beautiful, Tania.
    I love the LIGHT that is you, sweet spirit!

  8. Congrats on your engagement, Tania! ❤

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