Ask Astrid Fridays ~ The Rabbit’s Corner: A Supernova in the Making


This is our second exciting share for today’s blog musings and it centers around one very special rabbit and the story of his coming into his best life as Supernova. It’s a story that reminds Astrid of her own and how she waited patiently to be seen. It’s a story of alignment, trust, opening to the magickal, and of course, love. It also continues in the thread of our last share about the mini temple for manifestation and an exalted life we created, adding to the web of what is possible when we believe and act upon things being messaged to us constantly. There is a line-up of events, like stars colliding, that can lead to an explosive vibrancy of experience, catapulting you into a new reality.

And this is what took place recently for one special soul in a little rabbit’s body, one sweet faery in human form, and in essence one thread of the collective web putting into action a collision course of shining and enriching possibilities.

As The Great Conjunction shared at the end/beginning of its story:

…The reuniting of these two celestial giants causes a chasm within Rabbit’s heart. As Love beats rhythmically from within her chest, it expands outwardly and begins to awaken a long awaited event. Four shooting stars hurl across the Cosmos – two silvery aimed at Mother Moon, one golden at Rabbit, and an enormous one pulsing of silver and gold, gifted by the Central Sun himself, headed for Earth. Ten planets begin to journey into a new alignment amidst the stunning rapture that has been ignited. The Great Conjunction begins and something new stirs from within Earth’s core and inside of all consciousness beyond her. What happens next we have yet to see, as to see it, one must be it.

But let’s back up.

You may remember my sweet and very dear faery friend, KC (aka Bean), but BB to me (Bean Bunny) from our magickal adventure in the Grand Canyon with her and her equally sweet husband, Clint (aka Happy). She and her husband settled back in Lake Havasu City after completing their several year journey living in their RV (just like Dave and I had). After fulfilling their dreams, one of which was to live and work at the Grand Canyon – their love – they felt it was time to anchor in, much like Dave and I did.

I’ve called her BB (Bean Bunny) for quite some time now, ever since I learned she had a bunny as a little girl, had a lot of bunny things in her home when she was young, and for other reasons around my sensing her bunny self. It’s interesting that on one of the days a lot was going down in this story you’re about to read, I saw this engraved on the bridge across the creek by our house, which I hadn’t ever before. We had a giggle over it accompanied by faery chills.


But back to KC and Clint’s journey back to nesting in their new home, which magickally came together quickly for them.

They both have had animal companions in the past, but none for quite a while. Synchronously, KC had a rabbit companion for a brief time when she was a little girl just like I did, but none since.

She started to feel an animal companion was part of her journey again, although she and her husband were both challenged by the bitter and sweet of that experience – having gone through loss a lot when seeing beloved companions transition. She and her husband are also vegan and they have deeply compassionate, connected hearts to all animals, which makes it even more challenging.

Rabbits started to come up more on her radar ever since she and I had connected and I was able to share with her the experience and connection I’ve had with mine and Astrid.

She didn’t go out looking for rabbits, but rabbits were looking for her!

As they settled into their home she was involved in decorating and setting up their new magickal space and happened upon an item (a dragonfly) she was picking up from someone locally to decorate her creative room with.

This woman happened to have rabbits and mind you, the local rescues/shelters don’t really have any except maybe one rabbit at a time when they do, and the nearest rescue with more rabbits is in Phoenix, three hours away.

Again, she “happens” to end up at a woman’s house, led by a dragonfly, who has several rabbits – perhaps the most of anyone in this city for all we know.

At the time KC was in a different space, still integrating and processing the new life shifts, going back to work, and this new feeling around potentially bringing in an animal companion and around rabbits in general. But the woman did show her two bonded sister rabbits that she wanted to adopt out to her. For a little while after meeting them she contemplated this, and we discussed it together a lot, but it didn’t feel right. And many things unfolded after deciding it wasn’t the time and although sweet, she didn’t have a strong enough pull there. Her husband was also still on the fence about the decision too.

Fast forward to my creating the Magick Rabbit Keepsake Chest – The Great Conjunction.

I posted the first sneak peak of this new creation on Instagram and Facebook and KC saw it right away. She didn’t know why she was so strongly feeling a connection to it, but she shared this feeling as being “indescribable”. She contacted me immediately with her interest in it and how huge the pull was to it. I knew it was meant for her, but neither she nor I would come to see more of the crazy reasoning for that until later.

If you may recall, I posted it on Halloween/Samhain – the portal day I completed it on – a day when the veils are thinnest and communication from beyond is ever-more clear. It seems I had been channeling one little rabbit with the help of my own rabbit family collective – especially Cosmo who feels quite connected to him. You’ll understand what I mean shortly.

For the next few days after KC contacting me and her purchasing the chest, she kept sharing how much she was feeling this special piece and it was consuming her thoughts – even though it hadn’t arrived to her yet. Then on 11/4 (four days later), the woman with the rabbits contacts her out of the blue. She texts her a photo of her one male rabbit she had and asked if she wanted to adopt him.

Although KC says she likely saw him briefly while she visited the other time, he never registered on her. The woman had been more focused on the two sister rabbits. Also, the male rabbit was kept inside the house in a cage and the females, along with a third one, were free roaming outside in her yard. I won’t even go there yet on how devastating that all was to both of us.

KC texted his photo to me right after and a series of wild, crazy synchronicities began to happen even more so between us than usual in our communications/interactions around the possibility of this. Literally, we were both having full body faery bumps and mind-blowing experiences of alignment and magick – too much to detail here. In the midst of it something hit me and I said, “OMGOSH!!! Look at the photo of the rabbit on the chest. It’s him! They have the same dark marking around the eye.”

At the very same time we had both individually made a side-by-side collage photo of a zoom-in of the rabbit on the chest and the rabbit the woman wanted her to adopt, and texted it to each other at the same time. It was exactly the same crop and yes, they matched, as you can see! Even the nose shape is the same!


Things continued energetically revving and KC couldn’t stop thinking about the little guy. So the next day, 11/5, she went to go visit him to see if the connection and all of the feelings she was having would be confirmed. She likes to say, “Remember, remember the 5th of November,” which is from the awesome movie V for Vendetta if any of you have ever seen it.

And so, the 5th of November would in fact be remembered, as it was the day KC and this little rabbit made a bond in heart for life. He had sent out his message through the portal, which I had received in my own way, this woman responded to in reaching out to KC, and KC had been ready and open for.

Four days later, on Saturday November 9th – another day to remember – sweet Nova, short for Supernova came home forever.


I’m not sure what his name was before, but it’s likely better that way, as to me/us he will always just be baby Nova. How his name came about was it’s own alignment of trust and  his messaging. She had two names come to her after deciding she was going to adopt him. Apollo and Supernova – feeling a celestial/cosmic name suited for him and reiterated by the rabbit on the chest.

The morning before she went to pick him up she had decided that if Space Odyssey came on the radio first she would name him Apollo and if Champagne Supernova came on first she would name him Supernova. You know what happened, given his name. 🙂 But truly this was only one more confirmation, after a series of other things that were pointing her at that name, so she listened. She knew he was giving her the name he wanted.

And this is much like the ways I’ve received names for my sweeties, from dreams (Cosmo’s name), from tuning in over days and simultaneously getting the same name as Dave did separately (Astrid’s name), from a song I was listening to – the Gayatri Mantra (Gaia’s name), my favorite Christmas cartoon (Nestor’s name), and meditating (Joy’s name).

KC loved the name Supernova, feeling that his coming to be with her was going to ignite his true essence. Nova is what she and her husband/we all call him now, which is short for Supernova and feels perfect because Nova is also the explosion of a star, but it’s a new star that increases in brightness. A Supernova has even more energy. So there’s the reflection of new beginning that is incrementally expanding and emanating.

KC shares that she knew once he was removed from his situation and cage confinement, and was showered with nurturing and love that he would explode and shine bright like a Supernova!

And that’s a Supernova for you – a star that explodes and becomes extremely luminous!

Baby Nova has aligned his life for greatest luminosity! I love it!

And I love this description from online dictionary meanings:

“Supernova is an astronomical term for a star that explodes like crazy. When a star turns into a supernova, it becomes extremely bright. Supernova sounds like a superhero, but it refers to the super explosion of a star. A nova is also the explosion of a star, but a supernova has more energy. A rare celestial phenomenon involving the explosion of a star — the largest explosion that takes place in space.”

Well, you can imagine that both Astrid and I have been super excited about all of this since the 4th. Between then and the 9th, when she brought him home, we were whiskers deep into lots of Rabbit 101. Between texts and phone calls it’s been full-on rabbit immersion week and I LOVE IT!!

I know KC has felt bad asking me questions, but I’ve assured her that this is my passion, my love – to help rabbits and to help people to understand and nurture rabbits in the best possible way. I don’t know everything, but I’ve learned a heck of a lot over the years and to be able to pass that on is a huge gift to me. I feel it’s definitely part of my path, along with helping people to understand these incredible souls in rabbit bodies more and how amazing they are. Plus, help create that bond and channel for deeper understanding of self through relationship with rabbits and ultimately nature.

I also have to admit I’m super excited to have a rabbit nephew for the first time! There are many rabbits I have grown to love through my social media friends and that I am very heart and soul involved with, but to have someone so close to me sharing the bond with a rabbit companion as I am, is very special. I’m Auntie T to baby Nova and that makes me hoppy! And Astrid is especially hoppy too, as she has a cousin. And together we get to share our growth and adventures, our learning and our sweetness, and be there through the tough times too.

Astrid has already been in contact with him. Just last night, in fact, we both noted their behaviors at the same time where Nova was more low-key than usual and Astrid was thumping like crazy for a good 15-20 minutes at my end. Something had triggered Astrid, but it wasn’t until KC messaged me that more started to make sense. There was a lot of energy moving and once Astrid was finished, Nova got up and went to visit KC.

I imagine they’ll continue to connect and my rabbit loves in the stars will watch over Nova, as they do Astrid. Cosmo, especially, feels connected to him because they are both the only males and both sweeties. I feel as if Cosmo (who travels more closely between Earth and Cosmos due to the day he chose to depart) will help show him the ropes – reminding him of his star essence, and Astrid will assist this as his Earth-bound guide.

I’ve so enjoyed shopping for baby Nova and helping mom find all the cute and quality finds. He’s basically experienced the three days of Christmas in November over the last three days of receiving three separate shipments from us here. LOL!

Shopping for rabbits is F-U-N!!! Quite intoxicating.

Nova had his first comprehensive vet visit on Monday 11/11 to get everything checked out. He hasn’t had a good rabbit diet, nor quality rabbit life where he was, so it was good to get things looked at. Hearing about the low quality and lack of education to understand rabbits and their needs (including diet necessities) that he came from just reiterated why sharing stories like this and all that I do about Astrid and rabbits is so important. Being that they are ultra physically sensitive, in comparison to dogs and cats, and have prey animal instincts, there’s just so much more to learn about proper care for them and more investment of time and patience to support them into living their best lives.

There are simply some things you absolutely don’t do and others that are imperative that you do.

Some of the DON’TS would include: housing a rabbit in a cage (they are easily potty-trained if fixed and can be free roam or a combination of free roam and X-pen (exercise pen) housed, feeding it dog food meant for a meat-eating animal, feeding it tons of sugary or binding fruits and food not healthy for rabbits’ sensitive GI tracts, mishandling them (this can lead to them breaking their back from kicking hard to escape), leaving rabbits outside to live in the yard or cooped in a hutch or cage where they are subject to predators, falling into a swimming pool they can’t get out of, or hot temperatures (they have limited sweating ability due to not having the same kind of sweat glands other animals do to allow for effective panting), etc.

Some of the ESSENTIALS include: providing unlimited Timothy hay (for adults) and Alfalfa hay (for youngsters), providing a variety of greens from an approved list for rabbits, providing unlimited water, having the rabbit spayed or neutered, overall, understanding their dietary needs (what’s good and bad, getting a handle on rabbit health and sensitivities and things to watch for, having ER things on hand to treat things like stasis and gas pain when you can’t get to a vet immediately, bunny-proofing your home to avoid painful or even fatal accidents to your rabbit, etc.


And the list goes on! I haven’t spent the last week sharing with KC for nothing. And there’s still things I keep thinking of that come up along the way.

There are so many wonderful rabbit moms and dad and rabbit rescues that are doing fantastic work out there in educating and sharing about rabbits and I want to continue to be part of that positive chain so we can avoid needless suffering and pain, or worse.

I’m all about this for all animals, nature, people, and the Earth at large, but it’s my particular path to be a voice for rabbits.

Thankfully, all checked out for little Nova, and since he’s only 2 years old his youth is on his side. I imagine he was also keeping himself high-vibed because he knew KC was on the way one day when she was ready. Much like Astrid had waited for me and had kept her health extremely excellent despite her background before getting to SaveABunny.

Nova also got the okay for his neutering surgery that will take place this coming Monday – so healing energy we are sending for his fast recovery. This will also help KC to properly litter box train him. Not being neutered doesn’t lend to success with that, as they like to spray and mark their territory.

But KC has him all covered for that. She’s created the perfect habitat for him in a large X-pen for now with all the comforts needed and with a special flooring to easily wipe up stray urine while he gets trained.


He’s also given full run when she and hubby are home from work, which has been super fun to see photos and videos of him exploring and getting into mischief, as well as just being a bun and expressing his joy and comfort.


Upon his first day he was already doing binkies and flopping himself down – both wonderful signs of one happy bunny!

AND, more confirmations continue to flow in about how divinely perfect this alignment is and has been in the making, including this photo that I flipped out over too.


KC sent me this on the first day he arrived home, I believe, of him exploring and making their new wood table his new warren (it’s in tree root shape).


She mentioned how his back markings reminded her of a Unalome, but my attention went immediately to that natural rabbit head carving in the wood! It looked like his head peering back. I brought it to her attention and again the full body faery bumps were going. She then sent me a zoom of it.


Little sweet signs of rabbit energy that were present all along, and there have been others.

But the sweetest of all is Nova himself. He’s a love bug and has no fear of being held, is very cuddly, gentle hearted and fun, and is bonded to KC and loves Clint too. They are his warren.

He didn’t waste time getting up on the couch and up on Clint too! Clint adores Nova, too, by the way. We all knew this sweetie would melt his and everyone’s hearts.


Clint even installed him a bunny cam so they can watch him while they are at work and once he’s potty trained, he’ll have full run of the house all of the time.

In the meantime, he sure is exploring!


And showing off his silly self.


Nova sitting in his food bowl to drink out of his water bowl

It’s beautiful to experience KC and Nova’s relationship blossoming and it thrills me how much KC loves learning more. She devotes herself to nurturing him and gives him more love than there are stars. The two of them are already inseparable and Nova is revealing more of his natural healing abilities with glimpses of what’s to come!


Nova with his front paws on his Amethyst – can you say Crystal Healer Bunny?

He’s getting to know his new friend, Jelly Bean, that Auntie T sent too. I had no idea her name was Jelly Bean. I just sent it along because it was a favorite stuffed rabbit companion for years that Joy and Cosmo used to have so I thought Nova would like one of his own. Stuffed rabbits that they enchant themselves are great for solo bunnies.


I got rid of the tag, but when the new one arrived to KC she said wow it’s name is Jelly Bean like the one I gave you. No coincidence there and that KC’s nickname Bean is short for Jelly Bean. Just like Nova is short for Supernova. We now both have Jelly Bean stuffed bunnies (well I have two).

And KC now has two of the cosmic Magick Rabbit Talismans – Many Moons and Cosmic Egg – that Nova and the bunnies had a hand in revealing to her and me. This one made to reflect him.


I love receiving daily updates and hearing about the joy they are all providing one another. It’s so beautiful to experience the growth they are all sharing together and Astrid and I feel grateful to have them in our lives. We’ll always be here for them.


Astrid was especially excited to share this story with a hoppy ending because it mirrors her own experience in many ways.

She, too, waited for someone to see her for who she is and with all the nurturing and patience, has been able to blossom forth into more of her fullness – exposing her gifts and doing what she came here to do.

That’s what she wants expressed in this story is that animals are souls too. They all come in with different paths and things they have to experience, but with the right support and understanding that can be illuminated.


Nova illuminated in rainbow light

These souls can add to the collective pool of energy creating a new reality here and so to support them, as well, is supporting a new possibility.

These souls can add to our own understanding of ourselves – our essence and nature within – as they teach us about parts we have forgotten or have been conditioned away from. They help us reconnect to nature and live in greater harmony through that relating.

These souls can also help us bridge the gap between ourselves and others different than us, with things we fear, or don’t know much about, and they can also help bridge our capacity for kindness and compassion, as well as support us in merging our cosmic and earthly parts when we open all the parts of us to live at an increased consciousness level, at an expanded heart level, and at a deeper sensual nature – creating life as an art.

KC and I have had an influx of creative juices flowing over the last week with all the amped up vibes, joy, and abundant rabbit energies running through us. It even got us both on an inspirational wavelength starting to channel chronicles of Astrid and Nova.

Who knows! There could be a children’s book in the works one day on their adventures together. The possibilities are endless and with a Supernova in our back pocket, it’s sure to be explosive!


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  2. What a magical love! Too funny, too. All the past week and a half I have been hearing, “It’s a synchronicity supernova,” which is something I wrote a couple months ago, but it just kept playing in my head during the time this was all unfolding. Such a beautiful bunny and soul connection for everyone! Thank you for sharing the story here. ❤️

    • Love hearing about the extra synchronicity! ✨ thank you for sharing that. I agree.. He’s a little bundle of love who’s helping with greater expansion and layers like the temple portal. Excited to see what else comes through from him 💖 You’re welcome! Knew you’d love this story too.

  3. That’s a LOT of bunny love and synchronicities about Nova’s blossoming. Kudos on helping KC find and nurture him. Clearly, you have a Super passion for bunnies. 🙂 Yes, I can see a children’s book and a bunny sanctuary/ teaching center. Hoppy Times! 🐰🗿💝

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