Monday Musings ~ The Writer’s Corner: Exploring the Possible Link Between Tattoos & Enhanced Immune Response

For any of you fellow tattoo aficionados, souls who’ve enjoyed the sacred peeks into the world of tattoos, or are simply curious about this subject and learning more, you may find this to be an interesting article. My amazing friend, Mari, brought it to my attention and I thought it was a complimentary accompaniment to both this past blog article I shared, Sacred Tattoos ~ Personal Portals to Genetic Rewiring, and to my book Spiritual Skin.

Here’s the article link, below, written by Christopher D. Lynn that explores possible connection to a boost in one’s immune system from extensive time under the needle.

“Regular exercise provides immune function benefits through repetition, not necessarily single visits to the gym. We think this is similar to how each tattoo seems to prepare the body for vigilance.”

What Tattoos Really Do To Our Bodies’ Immune Systems

I’m no doctor, nor am I advocating you run out to get a tattoo for your health. Articles and information like this are merely for exploration and the sake of curiosity.

I do happen to have nearly half of my body covered in tattoos and don’t ever get sick. Whether or not that is tied to this is in any way is not conclusive, as I have always had a strong immune system. However, tattoos have definitely been personally transformative on many levels for me, including allowing me to integrate shadow energy in a very profound way.

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  1. I don’t have any but I’ve thought about it, this is interesting to think about.

    • I agree… It also reminds me of an article I read about the discovery of Iceman bones from 5300 years ago in the Bronze Age indicating 61 tattoos they found at acupuncture points. They’ve been used forever on multiple levels that people today don’t realize.

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