Less Talking, More Doing ~ How to Keep Things Fresh & Your Motivation Strong

Since many of you may be like myself right now, engaged in, beginning, or thinking about jumping into new projects, shifting gears with life path focuses, channeling creations, and manifesting dreams, I thought to share a perspective and change that I’ve implemented into my life that has made a difference for me. It has to do with talking about the specifics and communicating to others the details around these things you’re engaged in and focusing energy and time on. While I’m a BIG communicator and LOVE to share, I’ve discovered that the less I talk about and share details pertaining to my current work, focuses, and plans, the more energy, enthusiasm, motivation, and inspiration I have to channel into them.

Science shares that humans are social animals, which lends good reason to why we like to talk a lot and that communication is actually programmed into us as a conditioned tool and way to thrive, and in effect, survive.

I’d add that on another level, we also tend to talk a lot when we’re unsure of things, lack confidence, are nervous, need an ego boost, or even to avoid having to actually “do” what we’re talking about. We can make it seem like we’re doing a lot when we engage in talking about all the details and plans, but then when it comes down to it, are not actually doing much at all.

I’ve generally always been one to share everything with others in my past, whether friends, family, loved ones, as a way to share my excitement, but then found myself shifting gears because I change so much, and others maybe thinking I was flaky because of this. Or, doing just as I shared above, wanting others to share in the excitement, perhaps even unconsciously engaging them to voice their concerns or doubts because I had fears around the things myself – so in this case projecting them to be voiced back at me.

But what I’ve discovered and implemented in most of my life across the board with how I approach everything now is with greater silence.

Silence is a source of power without need to explain, defend, or have its ego rubbed. I find it a great source of inner trust for myself and what I feel in my heart, and yes, a way to maintain the integrity of, and fuel for, my passion.

Stephen King wrote a memoir once on writing, but what he shared I feel pertains to anything we are passionately engaging in our lives.

He said something to the effect of if you talk about what you’re writing too much, it will diminish your enthusiasm about it. You lose your motivation to actually write it, by talking about it.

I feel this applies to things and projects in general, including talking too much about your plans with things. It diminishes your need to actually follow through, like it’s already been done by energetically discussing it in length and feeling satisfied from that, rather than the actual application of the plans and ideas.

To keep things fresh and in your mind, while retaining motivation to actually “do” the things, you may find it supportive to focus on them within your own experience, without the need to express it out there.

That doesn’t take away from the communicating within yourself, with your spirit guides, and magickal support system, nor does it mean to stop creative visualization, intentions, and things like vision boarding, brainstorming, inner exploration, etc.

It also doesn’t mean that some form of feedback can be helpful with things including hearing ourselves talk about it (although the latter I’ve found to be more effective when I talk it out loud to myself or run through the dialogue and scenarios in my own mind), but then it’s about choosing an effective channel for that that truly is about receiving helpful reflections and food for thought you may not be able to see or come up with because of your current focus, rather than simply about a need to talk as a form of using up your creative spark and energy that is being misdirected.

But there does seem to be something diminishing and extracting about external communicating, especially when in overdrive and as an unrealized self-sabotaging mechanism to avoid actually doing the thing or hiding the fears you have around it that aren’t being addressed.

And there does seem to be something about saving up that excitement like the voluptuous and pregnant Empress in the Tarot, who is fertile with creative abundance, ready to lavish it into streams and channels of focused passion.

So, the next time you have this urge to explain and express all the details of what is moving through you to create, try funneling that urge into the creation itself and you may find your inspiration and flow, not to mention your drive, that much more vital and fresh, and your intuition enhanced by your confidence and trust.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. “To know, to will, to dare, to keep silent.” The Witch’s Pyramid. πŸ™‚

    I would echo what you’ve shared here. I also like the idea of the tip of the iceberg if you feel led to share something — 10% shared, the other 90% submerged in the great ocean of silent potential. Sometimes that 10% invites or clarifies additional ideas, but it’s important to protect the greater project or plan until that other 90% has taken shape. I also find that the discernment of what and when to share, and with whom, is key, or you might find the iceberg just melts into the sea again.

    Good post! ❀

    • hehe!! thank you! very cool quote from the witch’s pyramid πŸ˜‰ exactly and love the iceberg example! all excellent points and in alignment with my mentioning some form of feedback and choosing an effective channel can be helpful, which you explained with further descriptive understanding. isn’t discernment always the theme?! lol! i think some people have challenge in discerning though, which isn’t even just about discerning with whom, but discerning about themselves and why they feel motivated to do or discuss things, having a hard time seeing past the stuff underlying. we’re always a good team! we likely could write blogs as discussions back and forth lol!!! love you! ❀

  2. Super post, Tania, thank you! “Silence is golden” means just that. I’ve also found that discussing my plans with my feline friends prior to getting those plans ‘out there’ is very helpful. I always get a chuckle when I read about writers who can plan and outline a book before writing it, because it’s been my experience that the book’s characters will take those writers into directions never even contemplated in the original outline. Personally, I’m on hold at the moment, though something is definitely percolating and my little black spot of a Sirian cat is holding the lid down! Love, B.

    • thank you so much B!!! i love what you added here and it is so reflective and resonating of my own experience with my little ones. our companions and partners in the journey certainly do assist wonderfully with this and can provide feedback and satisfy those needs to share so well. i’m giggling so much, as i feel the same about what you expressed in the organic unfolding of characters and story. i know everyone has their own way that works well for them, but like you, i have experienced not knowing anything about where the story is going and what is going to unfold because the characters play it out in the moment and channel that through when the time is right to know. but again that may just be our process. i have had my on and off holds like you, but currently have the green light. i so love that you shared this. wonderful to know others go through similar! big love! ❀

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