Breathing In The Divinity Of Life ~ Cosmo’s Breaths Are My Own


Life wouldn’t be worth living without all of the enriching experiences, both challenging and sweet, that we encounter. And while I am living my current dream, it comes with all of that even though there is more solitude in our lives, as I then have deep personal reflections to process and integrate through all of the energies we encounter, Nature’s mirrors, and things that hit close to home. The latter of which I’m experiencing currently with Cosmo’s health and a physical challenge that has manifested.

For a couple of days I’d started to notice him sneezing a lot and could hear some congestion when he was chewing his food and licking me. I also noticed Joy was caring for him even more than usual and giving him Reiki.

So after the weekend, on Monday, I called around to find a good doctor that knows rabbits and was lucky to find one in Durango, forty minutes away. They had an appointment early the next morning, yesterday, so I took him in right away.

The doctor was so sweet and so knowledgeable. It is always such a relief when I find a vet that specializes in rabbits, as regular vets just don’t understand them and mostly focus on cats and dogs. So unless you find an “exotics” doctor, or one who has a lot of rabbit experience, you really don’t know what you’re getting, as rabbits are very intricate, fragile animals that have special needs and require special care.

So, it was wonderful to feel like Cosmo was in great hands and the doctor truly cared and was so intimately personal and not all about business. He listened and he was a gentle soul, while also providing great knowledge.

After examining Cosmo he came to the conclusion of believing he has pneumonia – something that can just happen due to age, as they are susceptible. His lymph nodes were pea-sized, his breathing a bit labored, and he could hear congestion in the lungs and nasal area, as well as by listening to his breathing with the stethoscope.

It isn’t definitive, as he said there’s the off-chance it could be allergies, which I’d also asked about, but we would treat the pneumonia, as that is critical, and see from there how he responds.

In all other ways he appeared healthy and fine. The doctor wasn’t concerned about things like cancer, Cosmo has a healthy appetite, which he demonstrated as usual in the office chewing away on his hay during the visit, has regular bowel movements and produces the needed cecotropes, etc. His weight was a little down from when I’d gotten him up to about 4.6 lbs, but at 4.4 lbs now the doctor didn’t feel concerned and that’s been about his average mainstay weight.

He said it was good that I caught things at such an early stage, as he usually sees people bringing rabbits in when it’s too late. Something to keep in mind in all cases with any animal, but rabbits especially do not have the leisure of our not being present and intuitive with them, as they are complex and fragile, despite their powerful medicine and individually powerful souls.

For now, he is on a two-time-a-day oral 1/2 tablet for seven days, which the doctor feels will do the trick, if in fact it’s pneumonia, which he’s had great success with and is safe for them, as opposed to other orals and antibiotics.

So for now, it’s a waiting game, along with lots of Reiki energy from both Joy and mom to see him through this.

Luckily his spirits are good, he continues to eat and eliminate well, but is needing rest and is challenged with the symptoms.

These are the times that challenge us as caregivers, moms, and dads.

The times when you love unconditionally, stay in trust without falling into the trap of worry as best you can since it will be picked up energetically by the receiver and not aid the healing process, have faith that everything is unfolding in a bigger picture way that has all souls’ best interests in mind despite what it seems, and continue to give in all the ways you are receiving from that love you share with them.

It’s hard to see our loved ones going through tough things and yet I feel the best I can do is to remain present and conscious of all that is going on so that I can best support the flow of energy.

That includes looking within myself as to what might be going on within me that I can help process along with him, as the causes and root can also be the parent’s experience. So when I root out things for myself and heal them, then Cosmo (our children) also receive the healing.

That’s when I immediately started looking at the reflections for myself of Cosmo’s pneumonia and what might be behind it.

While of course every soul has their own journey and they know when there time is, there are also tie-ins to us that help us to grow through the experiences due to our intimate connection with them. So whether that means we work through things and that heals us both, or we work through things and that heals us and releases them to peacefully move on – their work complete….it is always of benefit to look within.

And since I know I’ve had issues around my own lungs since I was very young, it definitely felt like an energetic theme of connection my dear little Cosmo, who is so connected to me, would mirror for me.

So knowing some of the things associated with lungs, I kept those in mind and also looked in all of my books on hand and found more on pneumonia from which I could weed through and find the things that resonated at heart for me to process.

Here are a bunch of things I found, of which half I could connect dots with for myself and things I had been currently processing:

Tired of life

Emotional wounds not healed


Letting go

A sign that the process of communication with life including the nonmaterial ones, is disturbed. Caught up in conflict with your ego.

You’ve ended up in a life which is not appropriate for your real, true nature: an unconscious choice. Thus you must liberate yourself. Let yourself not be determined by past roads, or by a partner, etc. Build a new life on a more stable basis than formerly: on your deep, powerful Self. Draw your roots up from the old ground and hurry them elsewhere. Realize your complete existence and its dignity. Become conscious in each cell of your body. Turning away from your own divine source doesn’t let that internal fire heat your body.

And here is an affirmation to help process the above:

I freely take in Divine ideas that are filled with the breath and the intelligence of Life. This is a new moment.

I know that I had just recently worked through more layers of mourning and grief, having posted a video message and sound channeling on it, and also having a lot of friends around me that were seeing their animal companions move on to their eternal forms.

I also know that I’ve worked a lot this life, since onset, with old grief that was not of this life, but deep in my DNA and soul that I have diligently been integrating and releasing through.

I know that I’ve moved in and out of being “tired with life,” especially before our Magick Bus journey and there are times I process that, walking in and out of both vibrant excitement and letting go.

I know just recently I’d faced some challenges with what I felt guided to share in message through my new work, not knowing how to do it justice, and putting it on hold where I didn’t need to be.

I’ve also been embracing the need for just “being” and breathing in life right now without having to do anything else like I’ve also done in a very different service-oriented way than I’m called to now, life time after life time because I can, it’s my time, it’s my reward, and that “tiredness” can be renewed into freshness.

And I know I’ve definitely been building a new, more resonant, grounded, essence expressive life from the depths and power within me.

So, yes, I became even more conscious of every cell in my body that reflects things Cosmo may be experiencing through me and even in his own processes of life and where he’s at on a soul level with things.

Our children – both human and animal – are with us for a reason. Their challenges are not isolated to themselves.

I realize that if the decision to stay alive, for both of us, is our desire….then our lives must keep reflecting change that speaks of the essence of who we are at all times. That is something I’ve known now, which fueled our new lifestyle currently and all the new things I’ve been implementing and letting go of.

The process continues evolving and deepening and there are also new layers to the onion to reflect upon. Dear Cosmo is helping me to be extra diligent with it all and not miss a detail.

We must breathe in the breath of life in all fullness….filling our lungs with the sweet aroma of life – and that includes all depths of its richness that is inherent within every experience fully being experienced for what it is.

We must continue to integrate deeply into our powerful selves.

Yesterday I left early at 7:30 am to take my sweet baby to the vet.

The minute I turned onto the highway a hawk was sitting above my path on the light post.

Hawks have been around me so much these last few years and are always messengers of protection and good signs and insight for me, as well as have been guardians with their powerful medicine. They show up to watch over me and us. One had also been in the same place when I took Joy to the eye doctor when she first went blind.

So, I immediately felt peace and thanked hawk.

Later in the late afternoon/early evening, after a long day, Dave and I went out for a short hike on the Point Lookout Trail (which the photos in the post are from). It ascends 400 feet and out on to this ridge that drops off on both sides, taking you to the very end where you can take in the views.


Felt like a good place to be, to breathe in life and expand those lungs and ability to take in more of the gifts being in body has to offer.


On the way down we came upon a beautiful little rabbit. She touched my heart deeply and also felt like a blessing and reminder during challenged times.


This one had such cosmic eyes that kept glowing more and deepening more, the more I connected with her.


Dave left after a couple of minutes, but I remained talking with her for a while and she had no fear of me being so close with just the branches of a bush between us.

Her eyes just expanded and became more magickal, as we further connected. She felt not of this world, but in it….much as I am and have felt most of my life.


Was Nestor showing up in this little one?

I sent her energy and surrounded her with strength and protection, just as I felt her doing for me.

When I peer into the eyes of another, I see their soul, my own, and All That Is.

I felt she was also reminding me of trust and that inner peace, which will see all things through as they are meant to be.

It was I that left her, as she just stayed there and would have as long as I wanted.

I then literally trotted and skipped down the mountain to catch up with Dave, with my arms out and kept saying “I’m flying….I’m flying…” Dave saw and heard me as I caught up with him quite quickly, and giggled.

After we returned, I settled back in and gave Cosmo his second dose of meds, then sat in our rocking chair and held him to my chest, letting him rest while I gave him Reiki, love, and snuggles.

Just then a group of mule deer appeared in front of our RV and I held Cosmo up so he could see them too.

Their gentle grace and beauty surrounded us with love and I felt that no matter what happens in life, that all things were in Divine order and that I/we are always protected, supported, and loved.

I put my trust into the individual and shared journey and continue holding Cosmo in the light of that unconditionally faithful love.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. very special love to you all, especially cosmo. The very first picture, up in the far right hand corner a cloud is in the form of a rabbit !

  2. On my drive home today, I passed a couple of pronghorns. I though of you, and then I got home and read this. I was tuning in to you on the drive as I often do. I was sending you lots of love and energy, as I often do. This is such a big thing you are doing. I know that each day, you know the magnitude of it more and more, as more and more layers fall away.

    I am so glad you found a good vet in Durango. Not just any vet will do, like you said. They have to specialize in exotics. I got Trina through several bouts of sniffles, and each time was a choice point for her to stay or leave. Bunnies are so fragile. I wonder if he may also be feeling the altitude, since you started at sea level and are way more than a mile high now. And you have had so many humidity, temperature and barometric pressure changes. Of course, I know he is being well cared for with Reiki and antibiotics and the purity of your and Joy’s love. So cool you saw the wild bunny and the hawk!!!

    Anyway, just know I’m sending you lots of love and healing for Cosmo. What a wonderful way to connect with the mirroring of the experience for your own Soul.

    I love you. Please keep us posted about Cosmo.
    Peace and Healing

    • oh how wonderful! and so interesting, as we were watching a national geographic piece that was talking about pronghorns and i thought of you! lol! remembering your story of them running alongside your husband’s car. you are so sweet and thoughtful. you’re right…it is a very big thing that’s not what it may seem to others on the outside. thank you for understanding me and the journey on deep levels.

      and thank you for sharing your experiences with your sweetheart, trina. it’s very true what you say….they have been through a ton of changes along with us…all the altitudes, weather extremes, etc. not to mention their own processes with energies and processing mine too, as they so lovingly do. i love him with all of my heart and then some.

      i’m grateful for the healing and love sent his way. it’s much appreciated. i love you much too and will let you know how he’s doing.
      thinking of you xoox

  3. All creatures wild and wonderful and a sky that is breath taking …wow

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