My Exhale ~ Breathing In AND Out the Sweetness & Preciousness of Life With My Rabbit Companions

We are constantly being told to remember our breath and to breathe, which supports greater presence, balance, well-being, peace, and integrative flow.

Yet how many times do you catch yourself holding your breath when things get tense or stressful? Or finding joy in breathing “in” all the delicious newness you are anxious to experience, yet perhaps overlook the potency of the exhale and see it merely as part of the process to create a full breath?

I know I’ve been guilty of the first one and have worked at training myself to be present when that happens so I can move the energy through.

I find exhaling to be powerful and embodying the symbolism of release, sweet surrender, satisfaction, gratitude, and joyous pleasure. It’s not just merely the by-product of inhaling, but something that is equally potent and necessary to the whole. And when done with presence and embrace, can truly be

I was able to experience that sweet exhale this week when I was presented a challenge with my rabbit companions.

After my week away in Goshen, I returned to find both of my bunny loves, Joy and Cosmo, experiencing less than the robust health I’d left them in.

I’m highly attuned to their needs and instantly recognize when things are off with them…something you really have to be good at and committed to being present with when you have a bunny, as they are very physically fragile. Any little thing can turn into something huge if not caught immediately.

Needless to say, as soon as I noticed things I rushed them off to the nearest vet I could find open on a Saturday and Holiday weekend that knew rabbits since all the ones I knew were closed. I’d just barely walked through the door and put down my luggage before I was gathering them up in their travel bags to get them looked at.

And after that appointment it was clear to me I would be cancelling this week’s trip to care for them, as they are my priority.

Without going into detail, or venturing backwards into the past that is over, I’d rather focus on the here and now and their state of being currently.

Situations like this present a challenge to me to integrate, as I can’t allow myself to wallow in worry and sadness for their sake, so I immediately have to find a way to transmute that energy into encouraging gusto of love, nurturing, and supportive optimism when talking to them, as well as emotionally projecting. This is so because they pick up everything so so subtly and it doesn’t help them for me to get worked up, as they will take that on immediately and get worse.

So, I focused on the tasks ahead, the facts I needed to convey to the vet, and the encouragement they each needed, along with energy support to help them return to balance.

joy and cosmo vet

Joy and Cosmo at the vet together on Saturday


I’m happy to report that they have both emerged with extremely good bills of health after several rounds of vet appointments and some tests between Saturday and Wednesday. Between the Saturday to Tuesday wait time until the Holiday was over, I just kept focused on providing them lots of supportive nurturing.

I do still have one more test to run on each, but I’m confident all is well, given how everything turned around immediately with my care and attention, and the prognosis of excellent health they have and the tests that came back so far.

The only thing that has resulted so far from the challenges is that my precious girl, Joy, is now blind in her left eye. But her eye is healthy, has great pressure and with maintenance I need to administer, it will remain so.

The vets and specialists I went to all commented on how amazingly they both are doing for their older ages, specifically commenting that Joy is simply aging gracefully with only having one blind eye, as her health is extremely good and strong in all other ways.

Must be all that Goji juice, food monitoring, Reiki energy, and love. I was grateful to receive the vets’ compliments as to my care, since having 9+ year old (and in Joy’s case – potentially 11 years old) rabbits that are in such good health despite their each having one physical disability is quite rare in what they experience with rabbits. They are not incapacitated in their vibrancy and motivation, regardless of their physical handicaps. If anything, they have turned those handicaps into gifts.

joy and cosmo mirroring

Joy and Cosmo recuperating after their appointments, mirroring and energetically supporting one another. Joy has trained him in Reiki 1 before all this went down. 🙂


It goes to show you that you can live a good and healthy life no matter what your condition may be, if you take care of keeping all things balanced, shifting your perspective on “limitations”, and making healthy choices in the quality of things put into the body, as well as fed emotionally, mentally, and spiritually into it.

I’m happy to share that Cosmo is back to being strong again, without the issues he had developed over the week, and Joy is embracing her new condition with grace as well.

Joy’s eye feels to be connected to things I’ve been focused on in terms of inner vision and taking that to a new level, which I’ve been talking about and looking into. I know she was being watched over, as the day I took her to the eye specialist my Hawk spirit guide was waiting on the light post to the ramp exit I needed to take to her appointment, and when I arrived back home, a Raven swooped across the front of my car as I pulled up the driveway.

While in the last appointment I took both of them to, I experienced the heavy energy of transitions, which seems to be a theme right now with all the shifts going on in big ways. So many people were there walking out of the office in tears, as their animals had been put to sleep. I had an extra long wait because they were so booked with these appointments.

And since I had explored this possibility with my two loves over the days I waited to get in on appointments, I was able to do some soul searching and find my strength that Nestor had gifted me in terms of this kind of experience.

So after allowing myself to experience these emotions, I made peace with whatever was to be, or will be in the future, knowing that of course I will have my emotional release whenever the time presents itself, but that the main thing to focus on was cherishing every single precious moment I do have with them and in life in general.

This also has been heavy on my mind for quite some time and is why I have been arriving at decisions in my life I’m making that will change the course of things and also support my belief in this being the most important thing to do. Quality of life is valuable to me and that includes being able to enjoy it and share it with those I love and doing all that brings me most joy and inner harmony.

I am quite blessed to have two amazing special needs bunnies that have much to teach me and others through their physical disabilities.

Although I cancelled this week’s trip in order to be with them, I am being gifted tenfold for that not only in quality time to be with them, but integration and nurturing time that mom needed, while remaining off of work so I could focus on them and myself some more.

My bunny loves know mom as much as she knows them. They always know what to do to get my attention and to help me to make the choices out of love, I may neglect out of responsibility for myself.

Reminds me of another special soul, Nestor, who was the Queen of that. Since they receive guidance from her, I am feeling quite loved by all three of them.

And so I’ve experienced the value and amazing power of the exhale this week, as I consciously was focused on that with each conscious breath…today being the best one yet where I felt such a deep sweetness, beauty, and all-encompassing powerful release, surrender and joy when I let go with gratitude and embrace of the moment. It actually filled me with joyous tears that choked me up and felt expansive, while my lungs were in fact deflating.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Hi Glad to hear your update. I have had a bun who had injured her eye somehow with the use of colloidal silver we managed to cure the infection but her eye remained milky with the help of my Spiritual Healers she has regained her sight and her eye is almost clear and back to normal. Rescued 2 last night that had been dumped at a restaurant the one is not eating or drinking and no poops or wee. I took him to the Vet the minute I laid eyes on him I knew he wasn’t well.he is still not eating so off to Vet again as soon as they open.i have him cuddled under duvet on my bed at moment
    Please send healing he is pure white and name Stardust. Thank you. Lotsalove Blessings to you and Fur Kids

  2. so glad your bunny loves are ok. In Tai Chi, we focus on both inhale and exhale and also have times of no breath after an exhale. We do lots of different breathing techniques, and they always make me feel so good! It’s true we tend to “suck it up” when faced with challenges, so a good exhale is always good.

    • that’s so wonderful to hear, as often i find that there is so much focus on one thing to the detriment of another, creating imbalance and even judgments as to something being of more value or better. it’s all important, and as you shared, when we approach it all with conscious presence, we feel so good! i’m happy the bunnies are doing well too. was sad that joy had to lose her eye sight in one eye, but i know she is gaining much more. i now call her my little oracle. 🙂

      • It is nice to see Cosmo and Joy being so close. Looks like they are friends now. Sorry about Joy’s eye.Maybe she needed some sort of change of focus. Bless her beautiful heart – and yours too!

      • yes they are doing lovely together and their going through things at the same time also helped to bond them even more, plus now joy is his teacher, having taught him reiki 1 so far. like you i believe there is always a reason and indeed joy is have a shift of perspective, as well as mirroring one for me. love you ❤

  3. So glad they’re doing better, and viewing the photos, their energy is quite different than before. They are much more connected, perhaps from the Reiki, but in any case, they are even starting to look alike like some couples do! Having one blind eye helps humans see faeries, so I agree that Miss Joy is having a kind of sensory awakening. Love and healing! xoxo

    • Yes me too. So hard to leave them. We are so bonded. I agree they are much more connected and their disabilities also create a connection as well as wonder twin power like us.. 😉 I call joy my little oracle and both are faery bunnies xoox

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