Inspiring & Empowering Workshops

GAM_9868 webThere are currently no workshops available, as I am traveling throughout the U.S. Mexico, and Canada as a full-time RVer while I focus on my creative projects.

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My workshops are for the creative, imaginative, and inspired free thinkers and integrative visionaries who want to experience a more magickal world and your Inner Realm for empowered living and activating greater potentials in simple and fun ways. This is done in a flowing way to allow each person’s unique voice to be heard and valued, which allows greater freedom to explore deeper.

People who are drawn to my workshops are not people wanting to learn structure, rules, and dogmatic approaches. But they are people who are wanting to delve into the discipline of “unlearning” in order to unleash their true gifts. They are ready to explore the nature of their own uniqueness through the different modalities and perspectives available, and come to create their own journey through the process of remembering and awakening what is within. My role is to gently guide this process and facilitate experiential activation, which takes place in subtle ways simply through the energetic exchange we share.

Here are the current classes offered:

teachingReiki Workshops:

Reiki 3 Master Teacher Workshop in Newport Beach, CA

Sunday January 3rd, 2016

9am – 6pm


For questions and to register please direct them to CONTACT TANIA

You can Host or Co-Create a Life-Enhancing Workshop/Event in your home town with me as well. Contact me with requests and to find out what you can receive for hosting an event. Group Discounts available both for local and non-local workshops.

crystal alchemy2Crystal Magick and the Journey Within: A Creative Exploration for Personal Alchemy in Newport Beach, CA

Sunday December 27th, 2015

9am – 6pm

Weather permitting, will be held outdoors on the beach 

For more information on this workshop please visit: Crystal Magick Workshop 

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