Roadrunner Medicine – Shifting with Grace, Ease and Agility

The Universe speaks to us daily if we are open to receiving, which may mean upping our presence and awareness so we can catch wind of the whispering message. Many times the symbolism comes through nature, animal spirit guides, number sequences, things people say, encounters, our bodies, through challenges, or a sign you literally or symbolically receive.

I choose to see everything as symbolic and a message…that’s just my magickal way of living and it serves my life well.

I always see a lot of animal spirit guide wisdom when I’m out in nature and last weekend was no exclusion to this. Tons of dolphins, lots of Monarch butterflies, various birds -hawk, turkey vulture, seagull, roadrunner, quail, with newly hatched itty bitty ones, horned toad lizard, and toad. Some of these new in my experience, others, seem to be regulars. 🙂

But two really stood out and that was finding a full shedded snake skin and a roadrunner tail feather.

I loved the symbolism of the snake skin. Already knowing and having written about the snake symbolism and our being in the year of the snake, I found it especially potent to discover this. To me, speaking to shedding off the old in fullness of renewal that is birthing. That is exactly what it feels like.

roadrunnerAnd the roadrunner tail feather felt very special and powerful too. It appeared about an hour after seeing a road runner and just minutes before discovering the snake skin.

Roadrunners teach us many things and the crest on its head particularly speaks to including quick thinking and agility, mental sharpness, fast responses and reflexes, and knowing when to strike in timely alignment, quickly and efficiently with precision and utter focus. Roadrunner shows the direction to take that will be of best use of proper resources, energy, timing and speed in order to make quick changes with harmony and grace. The crest to me also signifies higher thinking and aligning with Universal Consciousness and bringing that into the Earth experience (since they run closely to the ground) to use alchemy in order to bulls eye intentions.

They represent the ability to move easily between dimensions, change directions in an instance, change any circumstance by shifting perspectives and thoughts, and also teach us about self-honor and self-nurturing coming first in order to remain balanced and to be able to support others from this place of harmony and strength.

Roadrunner can also catch snakes and eat them while they go about their business (often seen running while a snake hangs from their beak)…interesting having discovered the snake skin after the Roadrunner tail feather. This speaks to being able to multi-task and digest things slowly – that what we learn can always be digested later and is percolating in the background regardless of if we understand its meaning at the time. It is not necessary to always understand the meaning of something immediately. Allowing time for reflection and digestion will bring the message when it is ready and in the mean time, the benefits are still taking effect.

All of this speaks perfectly to me and the medicine I strongly feel present around. It also feels very supportive to the collective energy in helping us all process things more quickly as we are shifting, and in aiding that process to be much easier and developmental of the abilities we have latent. Change is natural and inevitable. Changing with grace and embrace is key to harmony.

I am grateful for the gift of this beautiful and powerful feather that fell through the dimensional door I have entered.

road runnerI love this sharing that comes from Shirley TwoFeathers on The Metaphysical Roadrunner that offers more insight into the symbolism of Roadrunner medicine:

OK… so I found the definitive information on what Roadrunners represent as totems and messages from spirit. The short version looks like this: Roadrunner represents quick thinking, being able to shift dimensions easily, and being able to switch directions quickly.


For a more in depth understanding, there’s all this:

Roadrunners are ground dwelling cuckoos ranging in length from 20 to 24 inches from the tip of its tail to the end of its beak. Legend has it that the roadrunner got its name from running on the road alongside horse drawn carriages. Also known as the chaparral cock this legendary bird is famous for its distinctive appearance, its ability to eat rattlesnakes and its preferences for scooting across the American deserts as seen in Warner Brothers cartoons.

Because of its lightening quickness, the roadrunner is one of the few animals that preys upon rattlesnakes. Using its wings like a matador’s cape, it snaps up a coiled rattlesnake by the tail, cracks it like a whip and repeatedly slams its head against the ground till dead. It then swallows its prey whole, but is often unable to swallow the entire length at one time. This does not stop the roadrunner from its normal routine. It will continue to meander about with the snake dangling from its mouth, consuming another inch or two as the snake slowly digests.

Although speed is its ally time is irrelevant to the roadrunner. It can do several things at once and isn’t bothered with completing one thing before moving on to the next. This is partly due to its great mental agility represented by the crest on its head.. Many native cultures believe a “crest” symbolizes quick and efficient thinking capabilities. Those with this medicine have the ability to think quickly on their feet, flow with rapid change and understand the proper use of speed.

The roadrunner is a large black and white mottled ground bird. It has strong feet, a long tail and an over sized bill. It can run up to 17 miles per hour. When the roadrunner senses danger or is traveling downhill, it flies, but it cannot keep its large body airborne for more than a few seconds and so, it prefers walking or running. It has a clownish gait when running or walking and reminds us to laugh with ourselves and not take things too seriously.

The roadrunner is a vocal bird producing a variety of sounds from crows, chuckles, clacking and coos. Roadrunner asks us to use sound to benefit ourselves. Distract unwanted influences or say the right thing at the right time. By listening to the roadrunner we discover the right tone to use in any situation from a low coo to a screeching chuckle. Sound as well as speed can pierce through a situation and change its energy. Shamans are known to use both to shape shift realities when necessary.

Roadrunners are uniquely suited to desert environments and inhabit open, flat or rolling terrain with scattered cover of dry brush, chaparral or other desert scrub. When spring arrives, the male roadrunner acquires food for himself and then offers choice morsels to a female as an inducement to mating. He often dances around her while she begs for food, then gives her the morsel after breeding briefly. Roadrunner teaches us the importance of honoring our personal needs first before giving to others. Some might think of this as a selfish act but in truth it is a balanced one. Although roadrunner has an ulterior motive when offering the female food (that of breeding) it carries the message of survival. Take care of yourself first and then assist others.

Because roadrunner is always thinking of ways to get what it wants it reminds those with this medicine to use the ingenuity of their minds. If a problem occurs “think” yourself out of it. Highly intelligent, roadrunner medicine people have the mental capabilities to fix or change any situation. Procrastination is not part of this medicine. Roadrunner reminds us that mental alertness, speedy action coupled with the right use of sound always produces harmonious outcomes.

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  1. Reblogged this on Tania Marie's Blog and commented:

    This weekend I was able to spend long days at the beach, while balancing my time working in the morning and evening, as well as giving myself good mental breaks from everything. One of the significant things that stood out from my time at the ocean, aside from some really powerful shifts from things I was reading, was seeing a sight had never seen before – the mating dance of roadrunners.

    I first saw a roadrunner on top of this structure on the hill that provides some shade over the benches. I mentioned that even they like to look out at the ocean, as perched up high there he could oversea the ocean ahead. As I walked, he jumped off the structure and went down the path I was going and disappeared. Then I came upon him again, but he was not alone.

    He was engaged in a very unusual mating dance with a female. I’d never witnessed this before and was really special to have them just feet away engaging in this sacred ritual. After a while though it seemed that the male got shy 🙂 and he went behind a bush and peeked out at us. It was actually really cute and then he went off in the bushes and the female who had been playing hard to get was looking around like and then scurried off to chase after HIM this time.

    Being witness to this I felt, as I always do with anything I take notice of, to be symbolically messaging me. It reminded me that I did a post on the roadrunner medicine and that I had found a roadrunner feather not long ago, that sits on my altar.

    After re-reading the symbolic messages that roadrunner has to share, I can see the significance and am grateful for this encounter with the two of them.

    Here is the post I did on them so you can read about roadrunner symbolism and see if it speaks to you as well.

  2. Always a pleasure….enjoy all your stories…still want to swim with the dolphins and join you on your trip…sending an embrace 🙂

  3. Cnawan Fahey


  4. Hello! Today I came home to some unusual feathers laying near my vegetable garden, only to find a few steps later a dead roadrunner. I am saddened by this, today was a very hard day for me also. Is this a bad thing? I am assuming my cats got to it, causing the death.

    • hi kessie, thanks for connecting and i’m sorry to hear of the experience you had. death is not always a symbol of something bad, but can actually be about transformation and change. perhaps it is heralding the “death” of something in your life, meaning the end of something and the need for the start of something new. if you’ve been feeling frustrated, challenged, wanting change, or unable to get out of a situation you know you should and is best for you so you can move on to something more aligned, then this could be reiterating to you to surrender to that, for instance. best wishes and blessings to you on your journey.

  5. I saw road runner today and did an online search for roadrunner totem Your blog post came up as a happy synch wink. Reading through I felt much of what you shared felt similar to what applies to me right now in its symbolism. Thank you dear friend! Oxox

  6. Thank you for your in site to the
    Roadrunners medicine.

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