Name That Love Offer! ~ Inspirational Art “Can” Be Yours Plus Receive A FREE Gift!

Every now and then, when I least expect it, I receive a nudge that may seem crazy, but I know it’s “oh so right!” This is one of those times. Those that know me, know that when I get hit with inspiration, I just do it!

So, you ask, what is this all about? Well…..

I received the inspirational nudge that, just like the crystals I help to move on to their keepers, the art I create holds much the same energy as a personal tool to empowerment. They are alive – “living art” – as I like to refer to them as. And for any “alive” crystal, piece of art, sculpture, etc., to just sit there in the dark, unable to nurture and connect in the way they were birthed to do, well… is just like wasting a precious, natural resource.

I’m in the process of channeling tons of new paintings (already have many canvases waiting where ever I’m able to store them) and literally have no room to store all these new paintings and canvases that have been, and will be, created until they go to an upcoming event, gallery, or new home. And honestly, I feel it is a shame to do so, even if I had the room, as they serve a purpose that can much better be fulfilled if lovingly connected with a new friend. That’s why it makes me happy when my work receives invite for exhibition, like some are currently, so that others can enjoy them and receive their intended energy.

I’ve also received the inspiration that I will be hosting an event/art show this year and am working at raising and saving resources to go towards putting that beautifully on to share with others.

All of these things have been percolating in the background without any conscious thread link, until I received the nudge and intuitive message it was time to let go and spread some MORE love!

To share the abundance of creative expression, integrative healing, joyous inspiration, conscious awareness, magical beauty and unconditional love is a valuable contribution to the now energies and the now light workers and visionaries creating the way!

The paintings being offered will be a mix of originals on canvas, giclees on canvas, or prints on fine art paper that regularly sold for (the already discounted prices of) $50 – $399 and now I’ll basically be giving them away for what could be less than cost to make, let alone the time to create, depending on the “Love Offers.” Crazy!

Some will be offered in only one format, others in 2 or more and there is only one available of each so if one speaks to you, you will not want to wait. Only one special piece has 3 small prints available.

There are 14 paintings in total that will be part of this “Love Offer” donation. I encourage you to offer a donation amount of your choice that reflects the value you feel you receive – a way to embrace the flow of service integrity of heart. There is no wrong or right amount 🙂

Each of these pieces have been some of my clients’ beloveds that either the original or giclees/prints had been purchased, leaving some remaining. I always keep on hand at least one giclee for purposes of efficient shipping turnaround. 🙂

These pieces make lovely gifts to self and others for that daily inspirational spark. Some are “big time” favorites among children and parents have used them as inspirational decor for babies’ and children’s rooms.

I will be posting them each day with a little about each. I will not take offers until I post them, but to get your feelers ready, I will name the paintings so you can have an idea of what to expect:

Phoenix Sunrise



Uniquely You, Divinely One


Colors of Venice

Embrace Change

Lemurian Dreams


Cosmic Earth Consciousness


Everyday Miracles



That being said, I will be offering my channeled creations to the first “Love Offer” donation from a patron of the arts, devoted lightworker, nurturer of human evolution, passionate visionary, Earth caretaker, or all-around-LOVE cultivator. 

I will also gift each person a FREE “Tree of Life” (as it has now become known as) fine art print – a favorite of many 

Here are the guidelines.

My responsibility and part:

  • To provide a loving creation from my heart
  • Offer my creative artistry and vision for a “Love Offer” donation
  • Gift a special “Tree of Life” fine art print for FREE to accompany your purchase
  • Infuse your creation with added activation of Love and Reiki before shipping it off

Your responsibility and part:

  • Meditate on which creation would best mirror your desires
  • Offer a donation amount of your choice that reflects the heart value you feel you receive from it
  • Cover shipping costs
  • Provide a loving home for your new creation

Contact me at if you have any questions. 

In creative love,


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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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